Armored all-terrain vehicle “Zibar”: Israeli response to “Tiger”

Meet Zibar

This car is similar to buggy, It has an engine capacity of 430 horses per 180 km. It can carry a detachment of troops and almost 2 tons of cargo.

The dream is not only a survivalist, but any self-respecting man. On such a beast, you can get out of any JO .. or get there.

This is a technology of technology can transform. from the real treatfrom an ultra-fast light corner

Of the charms:

– can overcome vertical obstacles up to 1 m;
air pressure adjustment it is possible to pass through sandy and wetlands even at high speed;
– V-shaped gasoline engine of the company “General Motors” with a capacity of 400 liters. s., develops maximum speed traverse terrain up to 100 km / h;
independent suspension provides comfort when driving in off-road conditions;
– high V-shaped body provides mine protection and IEDs;
– on the car, you can install a kit mounted bulletproof body armor second class;
– It can be found for 3 million.

Extreme mobility

Zibar has been tested in deserts around Celsius. It appears as wild and unstoppable! It offers a combination of unrivaled functionality, mobility and vitality, What is the minimum time of expansion and high maneuverability.

Zibar is a unique flexible 4? 4 platform that can be easily transform For the future changes.

Ido off-road center, who developed this unique passenger car The car was founded in 1982 by Ido Cohen, a key figure in the off-road vehicle market.



Number of wheels, pcs four
Number of driving wheels, pcs four
Weight, kg 4200
Weight for transportation, kg 2700
Length mm 4950
Width, mm 2130
Height mm 1900
Wheelbase, mm 3200
Ground clearance, mm 370
Maximum speed on the highway, km / h 200
Bias,% 60
Trench, mm 800
Vertical wall, mm 750
Depth of water barrier, mm 800
Cruising on the highway, km 700
Engine power hp 600
Load capacity, kg 1500
engine’s type GM LSX 454 (7.4 L)
Transmission automatic, three-speed TH400 (racing class)

Russian military comments

“The carrying capacity had, of course, been promised,” said one of the testers of the MIC center. – We put 900 kg on it, and it slipped … But it rushes like mad. Probably for the GRU special forces is intended. This is exactly what they need: shot and fled.


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