Armory culture: the difference between Russia and the United States

We take, for granted, with aspiration weapons culture, There is a peace in the forest. Say this wild west since the time of the wild west. And this thesis is accepted as an axiom – completely without evidence.

If you’re not sure, you can’t give it a try. Let’s leave aside the population as a whole – let’s talk about the legal owners. civilian weapons in Russia and in the USA. It will help you get a little bit better than the meteoric and corrosive datamining.

So, firstly, out of about 5 million Russian owners legal civilian weapons 3.5 million are hunters, – This is about 70%. The hunters – It is a woman who lives in the field of natural life.

Tellingly, this is my absolute acquaintance. hunters grew up in hunting families. Why were you? hunters; I got a shot. I am not happy to meet you hunting knife, – But it wasn’t much time, because it still feels badly finished, because “weapons are very serious; from it can be hurt or even killed. “

The concept of “kill” for her, by the way, is also much clearer than for the most of her peers. After a shot that falls over the ground and ceases to be alive, it is clear and transformed into noodles.

I don’t know how to find statistics. But we can say with absolute 100 million. legal owners of weapons hunters there – much less than half. And because the territory is smaller. It’s something like 7 million barrels that you’d like to watch. Those. all this mighty hunting culture There is, of course, a subculture in the USA, but a smaller proportion of the owners.

Secondly, while in the United States (at least in most states) there is no qualification. Until July 1, 2011 to purchase hunting weapon, required to pass ohminimum, safety and security. Since July 1, 2011, I’m not getting a license.

And you can criticize this system. If you’re a little bit different, you’ll have to do it. He studied this in the Hollywood fighters.

Thirdly, Russian licensing system effectively eliminates psychos, alcoholics, drug addicts, criminals and socially dangerous people. For example, the so-called. “Gopnik”, falling apart hoplofoby, you can forget about weapons.

But there is no need for a roadside weapon. As a result, there’s quite a bit of themselves – and not only illegal ones. What is the level of weapons culture there? Let us keep silent out of pity.

Fourth, It is necessary to obtain a license. Of course, in practice, different people store differently. But I’m the one who bought it anyway. What makes it so the weapon is out of reach of children, overly curious drunken guests and apartment thieves.

There is no such requirement. It’s a bit different. And in the States it happens regularly. It’s not a big thing.

Fifth, There are still a number of requirements in the United States (or, at least, in most states). Requirements for example, for example. The same thing about the fuse.

And although there is a separate denomination that believes cartridge in the chamber It’s very strong, in the literal sense. It can be seen that it is possible to spontaneously shoot it. And so on. And people who ignore such requirements, little by little lose their licenses.

At sixth, There is a number of similar requirements, not necessarily, but not necessarily. For example, it is an administrative law. Because this knife is cold blade hunting weapons, and the weapon must be kept safe. Anyone

If you’re on the bag, then you’ll be able to register it. Because of the manufacturer’s special requirements. At first glance, – nonsense and delusional. In practice, for those who have been eliminated. And this, in general, weapons culture is beneficial.

It can be once a year. checked by the police, it has been approved for mental health, alcoholism and drug addiction. And so on. If you are a lawyer, you’ve been mentally normal, healthy, minimally trained, you’ve been learning how to train yourself. It’s simply that it’s bought it.

It’s not true cultured landscape. It is a hot road for people to travel around the mountain. Yes, it was a fucking experience.

No “Darwinian selection” and “spontaneous culture from shit” here and close smell.

Author – sanchessanches

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