Army mortar routine

I’ve been stumbled by the military youth. I’m cite the text while preserving the stylistics. I will clarify. I was hooked to mortar calculation. Rarely met such a capacitive, compass, and so on.

I’ll not cry:

  • How many times. The text is about mortars.
  • No, I am not from Russia and not defend the interests of Russia. The text is about mortars.
  • No, I’m not a hochland and I’m not protecting the interests of Hochland. The text is about mortars.
  • I’m not the one who cares about it, Azov, DNI, LC, who’s The text is about mortars.

So, the text:

It’s a bit far away, you can’t get it, it’s supposedly infa , Hulveplininypt …) interceded – they and pulnuli, killing five civilians …

I am trying to explain what this information is.

In the meantime – the army weekdays mortar

And so on, it is never a draw artillery, like a lot of money. This was still possible in 2014 mortars It was not a question of how to make a difference. It is not stupidly no one knew how to use it. Worked towards the enemy, ran away …

Yes it was.

The mortar battery is now mathematics plus earthworks. But after all, it’s not even a matter of course.

And this looks like this:

It’s a sniffed-out roofing, it’s dragged out, and it’s not a bad thing. The battalion is located on the 6th and 6bth streets of the Kruta. As an option, checked his out. But they’ll go check it out – unequivocally, b / c the deficit now, not Debaltseve, tea …

Debal is the fourth position of the fixed position.

He has one, he has one, and he has to go through , in it, for them gardens. He is looking for a long time, rubbing and sweating. The compass measures 7100 meters from the village (maximum sighting range 120mm mortar 2S12 “Sledge”RFP battery (pre-prepared position, balochi yes dimples). In the case of the SC-42, it was taken into account. trunks.

If you are not a fool, it gives the order of the commander the battery. This is a line-up.

It is a question of the number of rounds per minute. each – mortar, five people calculating (b), b / c … well, let’s say there are fewer, 45 boxes. There are options here – it depends on the task. In fact, it is not the same.

I am not driving the car, I’m not driving it, I’m not driving it, I’m not driving it out. It is available for a few years. one person, then he is gloomy and upratic, but then still a platoon rides. He is still a smart card. We’re going …

Debaltsevskaya operation – mortar battery goes to the position.

We arrived – it began …

Grabbing the “heels”, dragged up by the commander poked. The compass, setting up his tripod, grunted indistinctly azimuth SHE. This is a comic book. It becomes a 45-degree angle …

If you’re not happy, you’ll be thrown away. It was a sweetie on the shoulders of the trainers. hole, the triangle. This is a twist, snap lock. With the yoke – voila.

In a sense, all run to the “Urals”. Boxes – on the ground, four in a pile, open. I drove a gazanul – and ran away under a tree or something. He still needs to be able to take care of his overall life, and he just pushed his hair. place.

Do not have time, # @:&:;% ??? We will train.

The commander of the mortar For example, the electric pole of the barn. It is not clear that he has not been able to reach the sight. If you are not able to shout it out. Otherwise, and from the place perfectly hears. At this time, the commander of the commander, he recorded it. These are OTN and ZTN (main and alternate pickup points). Usually they work with OTN, but it sometimes happens. Here ZTN is useful. But this is all after placing on the compass.

Busolschik set up his compass three times, then he remembered that he would be exposed. Hen’t behaved, hen’t behaved, hen’t behaved, hen’t behaved it was not true that it was not a steel, it was generally accepted. He said to the compass – hit. It is the numbers that coincide. Everything, mortar EFF is busy now …

Why is hell these dances with a tambourine? To ALL mortars It was in fact that there was a shot of one. fog, and the height difference of the target-position …)

All the time, the number of calculations are knitted and the squibs are driven into the machine. Gunpowder? It can be seen as such white bags before each feathering. (Approximate) depends on how much to knit. If there are a couple of targets and distant targets – they knit by 4, tie up to 6 or remove a couple faster. Occasionally, they are deficient. If you’re looking for something to do, then you’ll be it better. For example, OF-843A, for example,

Numbers of calculations, they are different …

It is a scout-range-finder that hasn’t been a scout-range-finder. . He rarely walks alone With it, it is a frame binoculars, a walkie-talkie, and a bit of a wireless reconnaissance device, some kind of navigator (well, we’re there miracles). There is no idea that he wants to go on the tower. he can see everything) and gives real azimuths. For example, it’s not necessary to say that you’ve been on the phone guns. In the form of two figures: sight and angle.

Commander, bitch, thoughtful – he has a notebook, he writes everything down. OTN and ZPN have been written, for example, “fragmentary land or land mine”, sight and angle. If you are in the GSS, you can’t make it. the first shot. So each OT commanders told the GSS, he gave each ITS numbers. Hell out, he put out his twisted legs, mortar ready to shoot. “

Note commander mortar … Well, ideally.

Based on his secret thoughts, the GSS announces: “It’s the mortar number. The main weapon, the fragmentation of the fire. It gives you the number of charges and the number of charges, ), the latter, screaming: the gunner corrected, the commander (or the number of the commander controls the gunner) grabbed the rope, the commander shouted “Shot”, It is not necessary that the rope has been pulled out. another story.

A scout – “North 30, plus 75” – this is about meters, no farther, no farther, you can. GSS “Sight plus two, angle of minus three” (“);” The main weapon is fire. ” Everything’s ears are squeezed. ALL mortars are induced, only the main gun shoots.

Scout: “There is a covering.” GSS: “All guns, fragmentation charge, four mines, fluently, fire!” I rushed – the loader threw, the gunner corrected the shouting, “I pulled it in the trunk”, I pulled it, I pulled it, I pulled it, I’m pulled it , shot. The commander counted – four, all away, the commander reported:

“Mortar namber dokhera shooting finished!”

Intelligence – “It’s so much plus and so much” – it started all over again. It will be distributed among the mortars, one per pair. Or three. The main thing is: mortars “waste” shoot 7 minutes. Or they fall into a counter-battery struggle, which requires completely different equipment positions. Then there are still possible options – (where it’s right mortar – do not get artillery, even in mortar mode), bangs … MLRS (multiple launch rocket system). But, again, this is not the same.

They shot out, “mortals”, if they were not b / c, if there was enough time, blocked them twice, it happened) – everything get satisfied, go get buns. However, “lossless” is already a stunned bun, believe me …

Mortar and kettle, punched in his hands.


It will help you get a lot of fun and comfort. In the headroom, it can be reduced to 60 degrees. If you are on your own

Some mortar man doesn’t know EXACTLY where his mine will fly?


Shot not pro, and terbaty?


CONCLUSION: In Yelenovka, it was a carriage of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, aiming at the distance of the spotter.

And who is responsible for this:

According to the DPR, it was carried out by the 14th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Kombrig – Jacquin.
Corrected the fire, Major Titarenko.
The order of the artillery was given by Colonel Parshikov.

Death of five women, including a pregnant woman.
Why did I give the names of the perpetrators?
But why:

Army mortar routine

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