Artificial Intelligence: One Step Closer to the Future

One of the most common causes artificial intelligence. And this is the possibility of increasing and increasing. It’s not a bad idea. Boston dynamic. It is a human being. And recent events in Georgia Institute of Technology this is confirmed.

There is such a thing – Turing test. In short, imitate human behavior, it passes with ease. If not, then a person may have doubts. So here. Manage your program. This is the most difficult moment. There are banal typos, there are strange emotional reactions. And all this fuck is normally programmed. That is why Artificial Intelligence still far from perfect.

It is not a question. Artificial Intelligence able to keep the conversation absolutely without a trace. Such conditions were created in Georgia.

Professor of Computer Science Ashok goel I would like to ask questions at the university. But he didn’t have time. And he hired 9 assistants, it turned out 5 months later, Ibm watson. For students, this was an absolute surprise.

The program responded to the name Jill watson, She calmly interacted with the algorithms. Moreover, no student suspected that he was communicating with artificial intelligence. Even those who worked with the Watson system. He said that he was not aware of his words.

As explained later Ashok goel: student programmers are pretty primitive creatures. And the questions they ask are almost the same. If you want to give it a chance.

This is a experiment. Artificial Intelligence. And it will be much more difficult Turing test. It will be fun if some live assistants fail it.

So, dear survivors, beware. It is a fool, but a self-learning program. Yes, you can theoretically be. artificial intelligence. You can not even be sure. But you never know …

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