Assault rifle and chicken in the world order

I love the cost of 150 nakf (local currency), and AK-47 – 100 nakf.

It was never order in Africa.

What is the point of buying a chicken coop?

And with the help of AK, you can pick up not only chickens. You can pick up everything. In this case, it’s necessary to get to know your neighbors / tribesmen. If you want to take it easy, you can take it. And for the price of 10 chickens, it is even possible to arm a detachment. From the factory. It will be old shitty shit that will be wedged one time. And it will only fire after forced cocking. It does not matter. It is a little bit lucky.

Where does order come from?

Moreover, they are a kind of humane, and, according to the Africans, stupid whites send a lot of tasty food. humanitarian aid. If you have a chicken. Hen the chicken survival issue getting smaller and smaller? If you are a fellow tribesmen. And those who are against such a structure, just kill. Again, killing with chicken is much more difficult than with AK.

Remember the beginning of the movie “Black hawk down“Where we are, this happened next.

And remember the first frames of the film. Those who have AK are in charge of the “distribution”

Someone said “AK – you can not eat, and the chicken – you can”? I agree. But it doesn’t need to be a lucky person. by chance on AK.

The right of the strong. This is what drives in Africa. The right of the strong and lazy. Make it easier. Yes, you can run into a bullet yourself, or a knife, or just a peasant enraged by constant looting. But …

Africans much worse than the same fanatical arabs. He is ideological. The Negro is not very afraid of death in order. It’s a day to have a day. They die not quickly, but they are long and painfully. What do you think I can kill you? You can scare him that “I will kill you long and slowly.” This is a beast that is not afraid of death. If it’s because of its standards beautifully. Pressed his house, dragged out his car, put it on the car, and most importantly — he has AK. And safer. That’s all. He is by local standards, “bochat”.

Do you think these people can scare or stop something? FIG. They are not afraid of anything, even brute force. It is a group of people who have been on the agglomeration of the death of the agglomeration. And in the other. Well, or a little tormented. Finish those shooting. Although it is most likely, caring comrades will help to pick up pants, sneakers and the coveted AK, to have a spare.

No, this is not stupid to death. They want to die longer, because they want to live longer and get more. And they are not so good life. And it looks like it will not be either. They are afraid to die. For a simple materialistic reason.

It is now in the world around. Just one thing I know for sure. It becomes no less than the AK, everyone will become black. And all will be divided into those types of blacks. Who have AK, and who do not have it.

P.S. I will upset you. There is. For example, Southeast Asia. There, in addition to the bestial population, the climate is also fiercely contributes.

Assault rifle and chicken in the world order

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