Astrakhan fishing at different times of the year – features and tips

Fishing in Astrakhan in autumn, winter, spring and summer – this is not just karasikov fishing on primitive tackle. No, this is also possible here, but people go to the banks of the Volga from all over the country for trophies. By and large, the bait, spinning or donku can be cast anywhere, and, anyway, something will fall. However, it is best to fish in proven places, under the guidance of experienced rangers. This will save from problems with the law and one hundred percent ensure a good catch.

  • Popular Places
  • 2 Seasonal Features
    • 2.1 Autumn Fishing
    • 2.2Fishing in Astrakhan in winter
    • 2.3 Spring fishing
    • 2.4Fishing in Astrakhan in summer
  • 3 Summarizing

Popular Places

Fishing basesFishing bases

Fishing bases, which are so comfortable and equipped that you can come here almost without luggage, are located on the well-known tributaries of the Volga-Mother River, in the river delta and on the peals of the Caspian Sea.

  1. «Akhtuba». Not heard about this place only one who does not know about such an exciting lesson as fishing in Astrakhan in the fall, and at other times of the year. Falling into the Volga, Akhtuba forms an innumerable set of channels, whirlpools, holes and creeks, full of so many different fish that you get tired of listing.
  2. «Avalon». Famous for its cattle pits, captured pike-perch, toothed pike, fastidious silver carp, comfort and convenience.
  3.  Base family vacation in Astrakhan «On Kalinovka». This base is located on the Kalinovka River. – the Volga tributary, its vast territory (1.5 hectares) is equipped with special cold storage chambers for storing the catch, as well as an outdoor pool, a children’s playground and playgrounds for sports games. Here you can rent modern motorboats and use the jaeger escort service.
  4. It’s somewhat more difficult to get into the Volga delta, but experienced personnel of such bases as «Ethel», «Cossack farm», «Goose frowning», «Cool place», «Golden lotus» delivered to the place of rest and provide the necessary equipment, clothing and tackle.
  5. Directly on the coast of the Caspian Sea, you can relax and fish with comfort and all amenities, staying at the bases «The ark», «North Caspian», «Kolochny Island», «Karay» and etc.

This is an incomplete list of places. Of course, some fishing companies prefer to act independently. They break up entire campgrounds at a chosen place or set up a single tent and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature and the excitement of fishing for several days.

However, if you come to Volga for the first time, it is better to use the services of professionals.


Seasonal features

There is an opinion that in the Astrakhan region you can catch and, most importantly, catch fish at any time of the year. In part, this statement is true. With the right approach and selection of gear fishing here is rarely ineffective. But you still need to understand which fish bite better at what time of year.

Autumn fishing

Fishing in Astrakhan in the fallFishing in Astrakhan in the fall

In autumn, all fish, regardless of their habits and food preferences, begin to fatten – preparing for the winter. White fish gathers in huge flocks and begins to ply almost all properties in search of food, stopping for a long time in some places where there is something to profit from. Predator grabs everything that moves and flutters:

    • Pike and pike perch literally «lute».
    • Perch rushes for lure or wobbler almost the entire flock.
    • Soma discard their majesty and slowness, turning into «greedy cars».
    • From the Caspian Sea a carp comes in to plow the entire river bottom in search of shells and tasty roots. And tops with the speed of a meat grinder eats silver carp.
    • And, of course, the main delicacy of these places – vobla.

In the fall in Astrakhan they catch almost all types of gear. White fish on the float, feeder and donak gear. Predator on a variety of spinning lures, hooking pieces of fish, meat or even squid on hooks. Wielding and jigging, and step wiring, and trolling. This is a huge expanse for imagination and the acquisition of new skills.

Fishing in Astrakhan in winter

Fishing in Astrakhan in winterFishing in Astrakhan in winter

An interesting fact, but the so-called deaf-and-frost, when all fish seem to hibernate and not tempted even by the most selective bait, is not observed in these places.

        • White fish, especially the legendary roach, continues to be actively fed throughout the three winter months.
        • Along with her peck large bream, white bream, bluebill and rudd.
        • Of predators, only catfish slows down the activity a little, but even he can grab a correctly fed nozzle.
        • The pike perch goes deep and continues to fire there.
        • Pike, on the contrary, prefers ducts and erics.
        • In February, after spawning, the only freshwater member of the cod family begins to walk. – burbot.

Until mid-December, you can still catch summer gear. But then, after the final establishment of the ice cover, the usual winter gear is used. Zherlitsy, postavushki, sheer balance blades, and the usual fishing rods with thin guards and sensitive nods.

Spring fishing

fishing in Astrakhan in the springfishing in Astrakhan in the spring

The famous fishing in Astrakhan in the spring attracts fishermen who have missed their favorite activity during the winter, on the banks of the Volga, on its numerous tributaries and channels.

        • In March, the zoo begins in the pike, which needs to gain strength before spawning. A little later, all other types of fish come to this kind of competition, except for burbot, which spawned in early February.
        • In April, the legendary roach begins. This amazing phenomenon allows us, if not with our hands, to catch this delicious fish, then to pull out several specimens at once with a certain tackle.
        • Other species of white fish are not far behind in their activity, and predators follow in time. Pike-eaters rise from the pits, somas begin to activate, the perch gains its predatory temper.

So spring in Astrakhan – This is the most fishing season.

In the last week of April, flood begins, which affects the habits of fish and requires the use of other methods of fishing. For example, perch approaches almost to the shore itself, where it begins to drive flocks of white fish. Catfish crawl out of congested places. Pike, on the contrary, goes to spawn.

In the course are all tackles. Float fishing rod, donkey, zherlitsy, gum. During spinning fishing, both deep and surface baits are used: wobblers, poppers, twisters, turntables, castors, and so on.

Fishing in Astrakhan in the summer

Fishing in Astrakhan in the summerFishing in Astrakhan in the summer

The main disadvantage for fishermen in the first summer days – it’s a midge. It so happens that in the evening twilight it is absolutely impossible to be on the pond, because of this petty, annoying and very biting mosquito. In the delta it is much smaller than to the north from Astrakhan, but it is necessary to mention it.

Fish this attack is not terrible, and it continues to be caught almost all day and night. Most species have just spawned and are now seeking to recuperate, feeding without interruption and grabbing everything that comes into view.

        • Silver carp, bream, tench, carp plow the bottom and riding bushes.
        • The rudd behaves «indecent», turning into an omnivorous, greedy, omnipresent beast. She always walks in flocks, so that, having caught one fish, you can be sure that there is still a lot of it in this place.
        • A large catfish, too, is beginning to look for gawking frogs and pieces of meat offered by fishermen.

In July and August, there is some decline in activity, but this does not mean that you will return from a reservoir with an empty garden. Midges and mosquitoes are getting smaller. Fishing turns into a real pleasure, and fishing for big fish will ensure that such an amount of adrenaline is thrown into the blood that the euphoria will stay with you for a long time.

A variety of gear and nozzles are all the same:

        • Pike and pike are caught on any spinning bait, the main thing is to know where to throw them.
        • Soma fish on «Kwok».
        • Cautious and harmful asp — only from a distance to the caster. However, since it is not very valued from the culinary point of view, it is more of a sporting interest.
        • All types of white fish on the float, donku or feeder.

And after August, autumn comes again and everything starts in a new circle. Autumn spinning, winter ice fishing, spring spawning zhor, summer grace with trophy catches.

Summing up

Separately, it is necessary to recall the Red Book fish, the catch of which in any quantity and in any place is prohibited. First, they include the Caspian herring, which sometimes enters the mouth of the Volga. Secondly, restrictions or a total ban exist for almost all sturgeon species. And with this it is better not to joke. Fines are very tangible and the keeper does not intend to help poachers under any circumstances.

So, fishing in Astrakhan — This is a real dream angler. Different fish is caught at different times of the year, but without a catch you will not leave here for sure. This holiday will be loved even by those who first decided to go fishing: having caught at least one fish, you will want to return to this beautiful land again.

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