At home: a 12-gauge shotgun

The 12 caliber shotgun is an exceptional and universal weapon for self-defense at home, especially if you modify this weapon a little to your preferences.

What features and gun accessories for self-defense shotgun should pay attention?

  • Shotgun “out of the box”
  • 14 inch barrel
  • Flashlight and LCU “in one bottle”
  • Minishell cartridges
  • Adjustable butt + kickback
  • Reliable sight

Anyone familiar with a weapon and able to think logically will agree that the best weapon for self-defense at home is a 12-gauge shotgun. Fans of AR-platforms and pistols will now start loudly cursing – and they cannot be blamed for this. But the truth is she is always alone.

So, you need some kind of additional solution for more accurate shooting. And in this case, a tactical flashlight or LCC will help.

Shine! Shot!

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Weapon accessories

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