ATGM “Cornet”

Often, reading books, you come across tricky names of every kind of military … stuff. Especially abundant are references to the military equipment of the book by Andrei Cruz, whom the Last Day Club editors love, appreciate and respect with all their might. At the end of the book are usually given the abbreviations, brief descriptions and performance characteristics of the weapon. But the inquisitive mind of the reader is usually not enough. It is necessary to climb into the Internet in search of the necessary information. Actually, the line of entries under the heading “Weapon” will be dedicated to literacy in all weapons. With video, pictures and other usefulness. And we decided to start with Kornet ATGM.

To get started – go for Wikipedia information:

The Kornet (Graduate Index – 9K135, according to the classification of the US and NATO Defense Forces: AT-14 Spriggan) is an anti-tank missile system developed by the Tula Instrument Engineering Bureau. Developed on the basis of the complex of tank-guided armament “Reflex”, retaining its basic layout solutions. Designed to destroy tanks and other armored targets, including those equipped with modern means of dynamic protection. A modification of the Kornet-D anti-tank missile system can also hit air targets. The main difference from the previous ATGM “Fagot”, “Competition” and “Metis” – in the guidance system. If the last ATGM was controlled by wire, the “Kornet” ATGM was guided by the laser beam.

More detailed specifications will not be given. The elite of office divisions and sofa experts will find them without any problems using the link provided, but the real fighters know these things very well.

And here is the video:

Here is another video:

And finally – another video:


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