Atmospheric distillation of oil to gasoline became break-even

For today I’m 32 minutes of gasoline,

So, comrades, oil at $ 30 = 2200 rubles.

Business plan for atmospheric distillation oil

By the way, the distillation of oil is considered the most efficient and unprofitable.

  1. Stainless steel tank 200 liters – 12 thousand rubles
  2. Furnace “mazutka-working out” for 5-10kW of thermal energy – 10 thousand rubles
  3. Three used vat tanks – 6 thousand rubles
  4. Distillation time of one barrel of oil – 20 minutes, taking into account the “pour-pour”. The output of gasoline from OCh72 to OCh92 is not less than 36 liters.
  5. Plus propane-butane is about 1.5 cubes. Plus, fuel oil for about 60 liters, or kerosene with solarium as a gift (depending on how you fry).

Total: 36 liters of gasoline – this is ours 1200 rubles.

Propane-butane or fuel oil will be heated. Solar and kerosene as a gift.
Plus a complete lack of additives. I can not say plus or minus.

It’s clear that it’s clear that it’s not a problem. oil is already 80 liters. Gasoline with average octane number 91.

80 liters * 30 rubles per 1 liter (2200 liters per 1 liter)

The Octane Number to 95

  • Straight run gasoline is hydrotreated in the presence of a nickel-molybdenum catalyst at a temperature of 340 ° C and a pressure of 3.6 MPa, then fractionated into fractions of NK-85 ° C and 95 ° C-KK.
  • The NK-85 ° C is the temperature of 2.7 MPa, and the inlet temperature is 260 ° C, and the output is 280 ° C. get isomerizate.
  • The rate of hydrogen is 1.5 ° C and the pressure of 2.0 MPa containing gas 1200 nm / m3.
  • Get the product of catalytic reforming, 20% of 110 ° C-KK.
  • The fraction of catalytic reforming gasoline 110 ° C-KK, catalytic reforming gasoline, alkylate and isomerizate are mixed by an amount of 25, 30, 40, 5% by weight of the mixture, respectively.

Get gasoline AI-95.

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Atmospheric distillation of oil to gasoline became break-even

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