Atommash plant

Atommash is the largest manufacturer of nuclear power equipment. The company is located in the city of Volgodonsk, Rostov region. Atommash, for more than 100 units, including 14 VVER-1000 reactors.

Atommash products were supplied to many nuclear power plants, including Rostov, Balakovo, Crimea and others.

1. Since 2012, Atommash has been affiliated with the engineering company AEM-Tekhnologii, Atomenergomash. This is a list of NPPs.

2. Billet up to 45 cm thick.

3. Production of hull equipment – the reactor vessels are assembled and welded here.

4. In addition to equipment for the nuclear industry, Atommash produces equipment for petrol and petrochemical industries. These are mainly large pressure vessels, column equipment, pipe fittings.

5. Cylindrical oil refineries. The diameter of the ring is about 10 meters.

6. Installation for automatic diameters.

7. In a single pass, up to 8 mm.


9. Beginning of the arc of flux.

10. Molten and base metals are mixed in the weld pool. Crystallizing, they form a weld.

11. Assembly-welding area. Preparations are underway for the oil refining column. The diameter of the bottom is about 8 meters.

12. Automatic arc welding of oil refining column.


14. Thick-walled (up to 11 cm) shells with internal anticorrosion agent.


16. Heaters for heating and heating.
In this case, the temperature of the workpieces during welding should not be below 150 ° C.

17. Welding manipulator.
Designed for welding and surfing rings of spherical and elliptical bottoms.

18. Oil refining reactor.

19. Duration 10 days.

20. Manual overlaying of the nuclear reactor.

21. Color and ultrasonic flaw detection.



24. It’s not a unique machining center. The weight of this billet exceeds 169 tons.



27. 12 passes through the bottom of the horizontal tunneling machine.

28. This product can be adjusted along the entire length of the product installation.

29. Relocation of the half-shell of 170 tons for the next process operation.

30. Turning the bottom of the steam generator for welding.

31. Atommash has a distance of up to 5 meters.

32. Span manufacturing steam generators for nuclear power plants.

33. Heat exchange tubes.

34. Saturation of steam generator with internal elements and devices.

35. About 11 thousand heat exchange tubes – coils.

36. Welders.




40. Assembly of two shells with a diameter of over 10 meters with stiffeners. This will be part of a huge oil refining column.

41. The area of ​​the enterprise is 170 ha. The length of the production building is 800 meters. Therefore, workers (usually linear personnel) lanes.

42. Creating an edge for machining – boring.

43. For a given program.

44. For repeated holes in thick-walled shells.

45. Experts need to flare, and then produce heat exchange tubes.

46. ​​Devices for radiographic control are used. An X-ray camera has been placed for inspection.

47. A specially equipped underground stand.

48. It is recommended that water temperature be up to 80 ° C.

49. Bridge cranes of various payloads are used. Specifically, these cranes are in shipping positions. Weighing up to 1200 tons.

50. Slinger.

51. Assembly-welding site for the manufacture of reactor internals.

52. Using the technology of color flaw detection.

53. In October 2015, Atommash manufactured and shipped the first VVER-1200 reactor vessel for unit No. 1 of the Belarusian NPP. In December 2015, the steam generators MKP-1000 for unit No. 4 of the Rostov NPP. Belarusian NPP unit number 2.

Many thanks to the AEM-Technology JSC for organizing photography!

Atommash plant

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