Attack with a knife on the citizens – Kursk railway station, Moscow

The railway station in Moscow, at 4.10 am attacking with a knife on people. The woman was injured. At the moment they are in the City Clinical Hospital.

According to media reports, the kitchen knife. The motives for his attacks are unknown. Next – video of the incident:

Rules for a man with a knife

And again with the city of Moscow. If you were unwitting participants in the events?

Most importantly – be attentive every moment of your life! 85%

Now in fact what happened: what to do?

Attack with a knife at long range

If you’re looking for an instant attack:

  1. It is possible to hide.
  2. “HAVE A KNIFE !!!” SAVE !!! You cann’t even see you, except the iPhone screen.
    It’s important to remember that it’s not a problem.
  3. Dial 112 or 911 AND !! WHAT YOU NEED TO SPEAK:
    • Last name, first name
    • Where you are (address, landmarks)
    • Negative consequences
    • Are people affected or threatened?
    • Are you hurt or not
    • Describe the source of the threat.

    Attack with a knife from close range

    But if you were on the distance, then:

    1. Do not try to grab the hand with a knife! Second hand attack, SIMULTANEOUSLY !!!! Either beat your foot in the groin and quickly break the distance!
    2. Protect yourself and your loved ones!
    3. Look further up

    Unfortunately, many have been forgotten, often focusing on one thing. There is a risk of being caught off guard!

    Share these basic tips with those who are dear to you. Situations.

    Lyubin kirill


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