Attention! Ticks attack again!

Spring days. The green leaves looking green. Everything around comes alive, including the formidable mite.

ATTENTION! The first recorded bite in 2016 the parasite occurred in Kemerovo on March 23, in Tomsk on the 29th, and St. Petersburg even earlier – on March 8.

Somehow we told

  • it is dangerous,
  • how to avoid trouble and generally troubles,
  • well, if all the same mite bit it yourself
  • and even invented and tried on themselves an alternative way.

But – a repetition, especially in the case of pincers – This is a guarantee of health, tranquility and nerve preservation. Therefore, we propose to discuss the topic tick bite once again and together.

Know the enemy’s face

More precisely to know the whole thing. Ticks (depending on the stage of their development), as a rule, in size from 2 to 5-7 mm. Quite agile and regardless of size are dangerous. It is not high shrubs, the outskirts of forests. Habitats of ticks should not be sufficiently dry, because of the ticks can be found much less frequently. It’s been true for all of Siberia, in Buryatia, Udmurtia and Gorny Altai. Unfortunately, it is possible to pick up a tick already in those areas.

Some researchers argue that the active distribution ticks This is an indicator of climate change, which has been talked about so much lately. But today we will talk about infections. It is the most formidable and known.

Does the female bite or male?

Both. In this case, the female sticks in for a long time. Maybe even for a week. But the males are nimble. He bit, drank But both sexes are dangerous. According to statistics, 4-5 percent of the population of ticks are borne carriers of lyme disease and tick-borne encephalitis. Some experts claim that they are more dangerous than others.

It is a fact that it helps to correct the body. When the tick bit into the skin – he does not care. Removing it is not so easy. Especially if you are a hare. How to distinguish male from female? It’s simple. The males are smaller.

Bitten the tick

The safest way to stay at home. But if you’re a brandy kebab, then you’re a brandy It is necessary to do a regular inspection of the body. Once an hour. Tick ​​doesn’t bite instantly. He, unlike us all, never in a hurry. If you’re looking for a “tasty” Favorite places in the tick are groin, belt, neck, armpit, tail bone. Although, of course, the bite may be in other places. Therefore, look around regularly.

Apply pretiks (tidy your clothes carefully), tidy your clothes carefully. The living space from the ground. They are not bears – do not climb trees. In general, it is not a particularly interesting object – a perfume, all synthetic, no wool. What kind of beast? Where your beloved dog and children can suffer more. That’s who you need to watch especially closely.

Bitten all the same, infection!

pimples for tick removal. You tell me – they are for dogs! And why are we worse than dogs? Do not be shy!

In the pharmacy, we will buy a disposable plastic paint. It is a mix of hair from iodine in bottles. Sterile tubes for water in the laboratory. Also buy pretix. Here they should take advantage before going to the forest. The whole set is cheap. They say that there are similar ready-made kits, but why overpay?

Everything. Your vacation is over. Kebab eats, brandy is no longer drink. And in general, more peace of mind, water, and hot water. Further actions are already taken by doctors.

Express test tick

If you’re working in a tick-season. If you want to see a song, only a helicopter can fly. In this case, a tick-borne encephalitis and Lyme disease would be helpful. Putting such a test in our kit would be great. I call biotech friends with this question. They are not Russian commercial test systems. However, attempts to create such a test system occasionally arise.

This is a test from the Finnish company. Well done guys, what could be there. Can I buy this test in Russia? The answer is no: sanction goods. And the price of 40 euros is also not careful …

What to do? Yes, you can create a great domestic test. In this age of advanced biotechnology, this is possible. Of course, it is a clear development plan.

Where is the big problem. This is the most difficult problem. It may take years. In Finland, a few months. And she only encephalitis. Our developers can make a test system while determining Lyme disease. It is very important, because there is no vaccine for Lyme disease.

What is such a test system? But for two infections. The analysis is not difficult. The test does not analyze a person, but a tick. The test strip has been drifted in No more difficult than a pregnancy test)

It is possible to achieve a high degree of sensitivity, for example, by using the PCR method. It would be useful for you to use it. It is a fact that the , which is described in this article. And what do you think?

Attention! Ticks attack again!

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