Auto survivalist

There is a lot of pictures on the network. Let’s get closer to reality, gentlemen. We need a simple and working tool. To take out. Or tried to do it. In short, our tarantas must meet the following requirements:

  1. Omnivorous. 95/92/80. All that can be found, all that can be poured. If the engine is silent. Here, well, in this subgroup, let’s go to the detail search. On domestic so-called. “Swallows” to find parts much easier than on zabugorschinu. In addition, there is another nuance. You know, you know. BP comes on, and we are with fuel. Gorgeous.
  2. Patency and body kit. Monster out of the car. Do not forget your horse. It’s not always a problem.
  3. Mechanics. Only. Mechanics can always be repaired. Well, almost … More chances than using a machine.
  4. Herringbone on the rearview mirror. Without it, BP is not BP. It was a driving fox.

In short, my friends. From ours, if you take it to be BP, take a loaf, Niva or UAZ. Classic is also in the subject.
Shl. I don’t have a good deal to follow the auto industry. What, in fact, he has been doing for about 50 years.

All sunshine =)


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