Automatic Garev-Koksharova AEK-971, AEK-972, AEK-973

This machine gun, which was repeatedly predicted that it would replace Kalashnikov assault rifles in service with the Russian army, received many positive and negative reviews. For example, they called him “a gun NOT for a conscript soldier” (after continuous shooting, during which about 1000 shots were fired, the machine stopped shooting because he did not send the cartridge into the chamber). But let us turn to the characteristics.

Assault rifle AEK-971 was developed at KMZ (TOOvrovsky Mmechanical Havode – explanation LastDay Club) under the leadership of Stanislav Ivanovich Koksharov in 1978.

The product uses balanced automation. Movable parts are divided into two parts, the bolt carrier and balancer, connected through racks and gear. The pistons of the frame and the balancer under the pressure of powder gases begin to simultaneously move in opposite directions with equal speeds. As a result, the impulses of their movement compensate each other, and the shooter perceives only the impulse of the shot, the shift of the machine gun under the effect of recoil is much less.

Such a principle is more complicated than gas engine automation, which is used in most models of automatic weapons. However, at the same time, the circuit is simpler than the mechanisms with a displaced recoil pulse. In addition to all AEK-971 about 500 grams lighter than Nikonov’s machine AN-94 “Abakan”.

Moscow was not built immediately, as they say. So the final appearance of the machine AEK-971 changed with the development. But in general, the classic features are preserved. In order to facilitate the weapon butt, they installed a light frame, folding to the right. The machine is equipped with a barrel pad and a plastic forearm, there is a mount for a bayonet or a grenade launcher GP-25 or GP-30. There is also a sector mechanical sight, as well as a strap for mounting a collimator, optical or night sight.

Regular cartridge automaton AEK-971, 5.45 * 39 mm, could not pierce modern body armor, and therefore the machine was created under the caliber of 7.62 mm, AEK-973. The masters of the KMZ worked together with the TsNIITOCHMASH specialists on the revision of the machine gun, as a result of which the machine gun was supplemented with a mode of firing in fixed lines of 3 shots. This mode is preferable for firing from unstable positions, as it is difficult to control the queue length at this rate of fire. USM is equipped with a flag translator-fuse, when pasting on the fuse, the trigger is locked and the groove for the passage of the loading handle is blocked. The translator-safety box is set on the left side above the pistol grip and is available for the thumb arrow. The barrel is fixed muzzle brake compensator.

Under the cartridge type 5.56×45, a modification of the automatic AEK-972 the same scheme.

The modification of the 7.62-mm AEK-973C differs by a modified trigger with the position of the translator-fuse box on the right, with a retractable (to reduce the transverse dimensions) light butt. When the butt is removed, the shoulder rest closes with the pistol grip, forming a streamlined design and not obstructing shooting.

TTH of the machines Garev-Koksharova AEK

Automaton model AEK-971 AEK-972 AEK-973
Caliber 5.45 mm 5.56 mm 7.62 mm
Cartridge 5.45 x 39 mm 5.56 × 45 mm 7.62×39 mm
Mass without store 3.3 kg 3.3 kg 3.35 kg
Barrel length 420 mm
Length with folded and folded butt 960/720 mm
Rate of fire 900 in / m
Store capacity 30 rounds
Sighting range 1000 m


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