Automatic special AS “VAL”

Special Machine (AS) “Val” established at the Central Research Institute of Precision Engineering (TsNIITOCHMASH) by designers P. Serdyukov and V. Krasnikov. Adopted in 1987 in the military special forces and the Interior Ministry. It is intended for defeating manpower under conditions requiring silent and flameless firing at a range of up to 400 meters. The machine gun was created on the basis of a special sniper 9mm rifle. BCC “Vintorez”.

The machine is based on the principle of gas-automation with a long stroke of the gas piston. The gas piston is located above the barrel and is rigidly connected to the bolt carrier. The barrel is locked with a butterfly valve having 6 lugs, for cuts in the receiver. The receiver is made by milling method of steel. The trigger mechanism allows maintaining single and automatic fire.

The safety lever is made by type Kalashnikov assault rifle and in the on position overlaps the groove for the arm loading the weapon. A separate translator of fire modes is located inside the trigger guard, behind the trigger, and provides fire modes with single shots and bursts.

Short barrel AS “VAL” has in its front part (after the gas outlet hole) a number of groups of holes made along the bottom of the rifling, and intended to divert part of the powder gases from the barrel to the rear, expansion chamber of the integral silencer. The silencer is easily separated from the weapon and disassembled for cleaning, but firing from a weapon with the silencer removed is not allowed.

The silencer integrated with the barrel provides sound suppression, is about 130 dB and a flash of flame. There are no replaceable parts in the silencers, which guarantees its survivability. Au easily disassembled into large assemblies: barrel with receiver, automation parts, firing mechanism, forearm, silencer, sighting device, magazine and butt. All nodes can be placed in a special diplomat, size 450x370x140mm. Assembly is carried out in 30-60 seconds.

A carry case may also be used for transfer. Sights include a fly and a sector sight, marked from 25 to 400 meters, mounted on the muffler housing. In addition, on the left wall of the receiver is a strap for mounting brackets for optical or night sights.

Through the use of powerful ammunition SP-5, SP-6, PUB-9, at a distance of 100 meters a bullet pierces a bulletproof vest of the 3rd class, with 200 meters 6 mm steel sheet, and with 500 meters 2 mm steel sheet.

The bullet of the SP-6 armor-piercing cartridge is capable of disabling a car and even lightly armored military equipment. Pistol grip and machine gun shank made of plastic, butt made of steel tubes, folding left side. Established stores have a capacity of 20 rounds and are made of black plastic; 10-round rifle magazine is also allowed BCC “Vintorez”. The small length of the stores allows the shooter to more closely press to the ground, for better disguise.

Tactical and technical characteristics of the machine AS “VAL”

Caliber 9mm
Cartridge 9 × 39 mm (SP-5, SP-6, PUB-9)
Mass without cartridges 2.5 kg
Mass with the equipped shop 2.96 kg
Length 875 mm
Length with folded butt 615 mm
Barrel length 200 mm (without muffler)
Initial bullet speed 295 m / s
Muzzle energy 665 J
Rate of fire 900 in / m
Store capacity 10.20 rounds
Sighting range 400 meters

Disassembly-assembly of the automatic machine special AS “Val”

Weapon type VSS and Au, It has an expansion type silencer; during firing it is subject to severe contamination with gunpowder. For cleaning and lubrication, as well as minor troubleshooting VSS and Au incomplete disassembly is performed. It is carried out without the use of a special tool and is similar for both types of weapons in operations performed, with the exception of the separation and attachment of the butt of a rifle. Incomplete disassembly procedure VSS and Au:

  1. Disconnect the magazine (hold the rifle with your left hand on the forearm, hold the magazine with your right, squeeze the latch and move the lower part of the magazine forward, separate it from the weapon), remove the weapon from the fuse and retract the bolt carrier to check if there is no cartridge in the chamber. Release the bolt, make a control trigger with a combat platoon.
  2. Prepare an accessory.
  3. Holding the handguard with the left hand, with the index finger, drown the body latch, turn the muffler with the right hand clockwise, and pushing forward, separate it from the weapon.
  4. Pressing the separator latch with a screwdriver, slide the separator into the body with a finger and then pushing it with a ramrod to separate it from the body. Separate the separator spring by pushing it forward along the trunk.
  5. Drown the lock cover retainer, press with a finger on the ledge of the stop of the return mechanism and, lifting the back end of the cover, separate it from the receiver.
  6. While holding the rifle, move the rest of the return mechanism forward until its protrusion leaves the receiver groove; raising the stop, remove the mechanism from the channel of the bolt carrier.
  7. Holding the rifle, give a guide forward before it leaves the receiver, then remove it while holding the hammer.
  8. Take the drummer back until it stops and, lifting it, separate it from the receiver.
  9. Lift the bolt carrier with the bolt back all the way and with the movement upward, separate them from the receiver.
  10. Holding the bolt carrier in a vertical position, lifting and simultaneously turning the bolt clockwise, pull it out of the bolt carrier.
  11. Having drowned the housing latch with your thumb, remove the forearm, pushing it forward.
  12. Turning the tube clockwise until the protrusion of the box with the slot on the receiver is aligned, separate it from the barrel by moving it backwards.
  13. To separate the rifle butt ARIA – drown the butt retainer and, moving the butt back, separate it from the receiver.

Assemble the weapon in reverse order. For service of the weapon lubricant gun RZh OST 38.01439-88 is used. It is strictly forbidden to lubricate the cartridges. After cleaning and lubricating the weapon, all surfaces should be wiped dry.


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