Autonomous swimming in the ocean, how long a person can survive on lifeboats in the ocean.

How long can a person survive on lifeboats in the ocean with limited supplies of food and water? During autonomous swimming, he will have to confront not only the raging elements. He will be threatened by the sun and cold, hunger and thirst. 

Autonomous swimming in the ocean, how long a person can survive on lifeboats in the ocean.

However, they do not often lead to a tragic outcome. Thousands of people who find themselves on lifeboats and rafts die without even consuming supplies of water and food. What caused their death? Victims of the legendary shipwrecks that died prematurely, I know: you weren’t killed by the sea, not hunger killed you, not thirst killed!

fish, quenching thirst with fish juice and rainwater, he spent in the ocean.

Having passed all the tests with honor, on December 23, 1952, Bombard stepped on the coast of the island of Barbados. And exactly three years later, along the way, Bombara went from Las Palmas on a pie Liberian doctor Hannes Lindemann. The seafarer’s struggle with the ocean lasted more than two months. But the victory did not satisfy the brave Liberian. Only a year passed, and he again went into the ocean on a five-meter kayak to meet the dangers. Severe trials fell on him. On December 15, a flurry knocked over little Liberia-III, and only in the morning at the cost of incredible efforts, almost losing consciousness, Lindemann managed to turn the canoe over and climb into it.

Exhausted, exhausted to the limit, he fought hard for life. And he won. After 72 days, he landed on about. Saint-Mar-ten, and after a two-day rest, moved on to the final destination of the trip about. St. Thomas. The voyages of A. Bombard and X. Lindemann are a hymn to human courage and fearlessness. They took mortal risk in the name of a high humane goal, in the name of saving a person. And perhaps their heroic example inspired a lot of people to fight, whom the case put face to face with the ocean. And there are many such examples in the annals of navigation.

The feat of four Soviet soldiers Askhat Ziganshin, Philip Poplavsky, Anatoly Kryuchkovsky and Ivan Fedotov, carried to the Pacific Ocean on a self-propelled barge, became known to the whole world. They spent 49 days in the stormy winter ocean with almost no water or food, and yet they survived to the end. Amazing resilience and courage showed the spouses Bailey. Having lost their yacht Orilin in a collision with a whale, they ended up alone in the middle of the ocean on a tiny rubber boat.

For 117 days they roamed the waves before they were picked up by a passing ship. For 38 days, the family of the English farmer Robertson waged an unequal struggle with the ocean. 47 days in the ocean, three natives of the island of Rota fought with death. Safely ended the monthly drift of the Brazilian fisherman Eugenie Almiano. The crew of the yacht Bichkam-ber, saved by the Soviet ship Shota Rustaveli in the Pacific Ocean, survived 24-day trials of hunger and thirst.

Based on materials from the book Man in extreme environmental conditions.
V.G. Volovich.

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