Autumn Marathon in Crimea

Description moved from the popular forum. Report was conducted in the telegraph style. Styles of the author, if possible, preserved. Once in the year of 2011, the “UPDATING” of the Crimea was conceived. Well, go round Nyvkoe all Crimea. Were there from the Donbass side. Here we go?

The first day

It has been a bit losted in the evening. In fact, the whole day has been made. Forward spurred and drove forward – towards the gulls, breeze, rocks and friends.

It is not a problem. This is meteo-whim – the headwind slows down and tries to “back away” Nyvka. Tra-ta-ta, tra-ta-ta A dream is fulfilled – to swim in the sea. Tan and sleep off, watch – wonder. For what? Traveler, hugs, camp, dinner

Second day

We were tired to lie. But the guys – early birds. I’m not a little bit different. After our crawling out, we were shown pictures of the surroundings, where we decided to go after breakfast. In the evening, there was a lot of meat and meat. I love you, I’m not sure, I’ve been able to get rid of it. But we are thrifty and unpretentious people – the Bystrov oatmeal, cheese and coffee have completely filled us. Goths go to the Sampash: unusual to go through the swamp.

And after – the Sea of ​​Azov. It is gray, it is wavy due to the wind. But this is the sea! Bathe! Well, who wanted to – barefoot in the water or just wash.

Despite the good-naturedly ironic smiles of dimka and the chilly distortion of Zoe, “overcome the swimsuit”, she ran briskly “into the sea”. Do not believe the fairytales and grandfathers scare stories – the sea is warm! Just today it is a playful way for me to go on the shore. Heat! When lissa_ua She treated me with bathing in the sea. And then I would live in the water. Ostrich farms along the shore. Probably profitable – mostly people. We’re going further. By the way, it’s not so much rain, that it’s periodically shuffled by the wind. Visited the ruins of the Arabatskaya fortress.

I love the winds and salty-sea water in a storm. Locals massively use shell rock in architecture, which is mined right there, without departing far from home. There are such quarries with catacombs! Unfortunately, we didn’t

So hopefully – not long and warm. Well, let’s go further … PySy. the first Crimean pebble secretly from Vovchik put PyPySy in the car. Writing on the go is much harder than crocheting. I like what I can do? I am such a sea monster. I want to hug them. And here is the evening. Place to sleep – Cape Kazantip. Pine wood, there is no water, it starts to rain.

Third day

The road runs straight under the wheels. He was hungry for his mind mind. Yes, it’s a very long, dusty and dusty washing machine. Kerch is waiting for us ahead. Wet road rustles of goldilocks-autumn. It was blue, it became the color of steel. The crow is spinning like a thundercloud, a mini-ray of the sun flashes infrequently. We are driving slowly. The next is Kerch. Hero City Kerch. For the first time, they’ll get up on the street. Still very warm, albeit cloudy. Kerch go in jackets and raincoats, while complaining that they will die. I love you, you can see it.

Pedestrian quiet streets in the center, well-groomed parks and gramophones at the local “club” – music plays. As in the pre-war film, chesslovo. It is impossible to hide it, then the craftsmen put it. If you’re not comfortable, you’re really comfortable. She said that she needed to move here. The list of cities where you need to go. The trailer will continue to move, it will remain the same, and it will remain the same. Theodosia. On the coast is the Black and Green of the sea. People, we saw a dolphin! Meters at 50-100 from the coast. Great! While people were crammed with boobs, I began to change clothes. Zoe also quickly jumped up with the dolphin.

The Arabic Spit is a watering pattern. It was a little time for a long time. Weaklings! And the shells are completely different. Cool weather! Somewhere around 20 degrees with a breeze, the rains were frightened by my decisive mood and dumped somewhere. The program “Autumn Roads of Crimea.” It is a scary crumple. Having traveled tangentially to Theodosia (we’re cool NIVKOVODY), drove into …. Koktebel.

There is a lot of traktoishek, which will bring the grapes to the winery. We need to go there too, let’s go. It was a bit loosening and it wasn’t been a bit harsh, but it wasn’t a bit like a reddish look. He wanted to taste it before the town of Koktebel. The most cozy resort town, blooming, clean, landscaped – here you can come. Roses – 2-meter, chesslovo, gates painted, fences lined, the streets are ironed. Such towns I saw only the books in the pictures. In the case of zoi forces He was already well-read, and he decided to have a stroke. “Guys, where are you from?” – again with a smile. Someone and we brought pleasure. Sudak skipped through – I didn’t understand its beauty, because I saw it a little. But this fortress is really big – this is the Genoese fortress. From the sun in the hope of the night. Camping Megan. This is why I’m not going to be able to go there. It is a reddish-willow that it cann’t make it. passed by camera or photographs. On the genomes. Driving up the road through the Kapsel area, a glance of unexpectedly slanted architectural forms – Vovchik called the STE case “shpakivni” – sea, scattered over the hills. We agreed that it was an economy class accommodation for holidaymakers in the season. Cuddled up on the campsite, the word “oh!” We’ve been walking around the ground.

For a long time, it was not a problem. Small subjective! retreat. If you want to go ahead, you’ll “give up, everyone who enters here”. Anoreticheskoy will be able to come home with a mild degree of obesity. I will continue, however. For dinner, there was plenty of beer, salted and dried gobies, sliced ​​vegetables and zoins were opened. Then, as expected, dug hrenovuhu. Winding up the wind from the mountains. Our company attracted a foxy chanterelle – “but what about the shots here, good people, robit?”. The girl was limping in the middle of the boulders or someone’s trap. Zoe rushed to her feed, Dim photograph.

Dined, folded, removed bag, baggy bag !, Said goodbye. we are in a tent, Bambra – to walk. Hear – empty bottles rattle. Vovchik got out – that’s right, the fox is hosting, tore the bag. Shuganul her bag put on the trunk! If you’re on foot, you can’t get it. So ended October 10th.

Day four

So, October 11th. This is the sea, this is the eternal and boundless. Their feet are under their feet. On the shore, the “fishermen” – they don’t bite – they are in t-shirts, swimsuits, flip flops. The wind is still the same strong, but it is the war! Zoya and I decided to do the laundry. Soap in salt water doesn’t wash well, take note, but we are experienced, we are not afraid. Again – to wear out to the sea ?! The boy has a look at what he has been looking for. It was a sweaty bag. They are galloped – a steep serpentine, narrow and winding. My remarks like “what rock” didn’t take his eyes off the road. Our guides – Bambra – they all know. The Golitsyn.

The Golitsyn trail is 2.5 km long. The winds of the winds and the winds of the wind are sticking up. We got to the Golitsyn Grotto, where he had a “cellar” for storing wines. They pofotkalis, shook, went further. In one place, it was decided to wash the sand from the bodies and souls. October 11! – and we are not just at sea, but very much in it. Is now involved in the water procedures. Slightly dried, stomped on – steeply upwards. The trail led to the area of ​​the Juniper grove (STE here so arboretum call names).

700-year-old junipers, all culturally, burnt, plates, benches, clean (many urnochek). There were no numbers, but people were present in small numbers. We reached the end, got dressed, went to the city. Aborigines bought figs on the way, but both are tasty. We are going further towards Alushta. He was so angry that he couldn’t be in the sky. gray. I will add it later, because it’s not easy. We arrived in Solnechnogorsk (ha – so that you can not see anything). They asked the local gas station, stumbled there. And there is only a pre-agreement. They left that zakutka, became somewhere wet and lonely. But here Providence intervened … and Zoe. It’s a little bit different. ” And yes! Cars with two cars. For 4-6 cars. It has been the time it has been settled since it was settled. I have not been there yet! Dubinauskas! Therefore, I decided to take it by the horns, and by God by the beard. Remnants of courage Comrades! Cheek brings success! Vykavchal us a separate room – “worse”, more without air conditioning. Why do you need air conditioning in the south? We moved in and out. The kitchenette has been fitted with a kitchenette. Uncle Volodya asked for information about this life. Compound – 7 acres – provides those of 18 rooms in different price categories. The land here is his father in law. It is rare to hang still immature, it will be time before the New Year. We tasted the wine bought – very bad. Yes, it came to the topic. Hang up staged watch at 11.

Fifth day

We woke up on October 12 – autumn is in full swing. Jur-Jur.

Zoe byrenko hit the market for the meat – kebab hotstsa, Dim marinated. We had breakfast, cut the boutiques, and drove off. Well sho tell you? The Carpathians Stones with clay on serpentines in the rain. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa! But we are going. After all the rain, you’ve been drinking water, you’ve been drinking water. Soaked, seen enough, parted on the mountain Dymerdzhi. The cat speaks loud. When they were still approaching, the “ghosts” looked like megalith columns, transferred from Stone Henge. If you’re approached closer, you can’t understand it. I’m not always trying to see the dog’s eagle-man-man.

Snack butrikami crawled to Alushta for gas. Hooray! Gas is refueled, go for a walk along the embankment and for souvenirs. Shrimp! I want to now and quickly. Go, eat, spit husk. Under the arch shells fed the seagulls – they even fought for the leftovers. There are a lot of girlfriends – shells too. If you are walking in the rain, you can go through the park. These were our walkers today. It’s a bit of a tasty one. So all bon appetite and good night P.S. It was in! They tried to get it out. Ik! the wine is ik! cool ik! and after ik! Seven hebaknyazygolitsina ik! so cool lights twinkle – well, sho stars. In fact, you will get it.

Sixth day

Still resilient quartet of everywhere. Our hospitable hosts conduct us, exchanging phone numbers at the future. The road ahead is framed by the cypresses, the road ahead and the clouds and the skyline of the wind. We are going. We stopped at Partenit, where I was more than 30 years ago. I learned only Ayu-Dag – Bear Mountain.

But the smell is not the same. It smells like childhood memories. They roamed on their frisky horses. Wrapped in Gurzuf – Florence or Venice. But it is very picturesque – small houses, small houses, lots of flowers. It will make it possible to keep track of the colors of the road. We walked to our feet against the pavement of the embankment.

Estessno, photos-video-views-poses. Looped circle, go back. Dima suddenly suddenly started hot chocolate. We went to Kofebar, put on a hot chocolat with brandy. Eh, and life is getting better. We’re not interested. Zoya nadybala and us on the road again – almost 3-bedroom apartment for 300 UAH per day. And it is in the center of Yalta! Batyushka, it is not starchboxes here. There is a jacuzzi – shower cubicle – a toilet bowl – a washbasin and a bathroom with a marble floor. And the second door of the gate leads directly to the cafe. So let’s wait for lunch kartokhoy with kebabs (we are already tasting the wine), and we’ve been walking around Yalta night.

Oh, we have plans! Read, envy – we are in the autumn of the southern Crimea! If I sober up, I will finish it sometime …

Seventh day

This turned out to be a Yalta. It is clear that there is no trace of it. We develop routes and drink coffee lazily. It is a dream. Still, autumn, and not September. In the cafe next door we didn’t wrap up, it’s still warm, despite the weather. Resolved! We will take on the whole Crimea! “And what’s the funeral?”, And “as is,” said, ““ they were yesterday. ” the breaks of the clouds. What are our beautiful forests in the Kiev region! But for a long time! Fall colors on the road to the Grand Canyon

It wasn’t much time for you to go further. So we went.

We found a slightly snow-covered valley, pofotkalis, left snowballs (3 days ago we swam in the sea!) And rushed into the canyon. It seems to be infinite; Only garbage on the sidelines is depressing in such beautiful places. There are two signs – “Be careful, children” and “40”. Vovchik’s comment: “There are also children running at a speed of 40. Get crazy!”. Through some canyon, we still drove through and even zafotkali. Bambras say it is a small canyon. And then we hit the Bakhchisarai. It has been noted that there has been a loss of time. Trochs in-ofroudili. We met local, they sent us on the right path. Returned, drove around, drove, stopped, stopped. Holy Assumption rock monastery founded in the 8th century. Everyone watched the Lord of the Rings? Residential damholl in the rocks and the monastery itself

It is almost the same as customary in Christianity. It is the Christian feast of the Intercession, which the monastery hinted at. Vovchik became generous. He added that he would like to make a note of what he thought of. They say that this icon is called the “Russian Queen”. They left this monastery, because our pilots were already beating their hooves. It’s getting dark On the way to the Monastery in full illumination. Beautiful, but modern, I like church buildings with history more. It is a race track. They drove into it. It must be determined by the location. It turns out that it’s not possible to see what it’s been like. Cups of hot and hot drink. My muse is also tired. Therefore, in order not to disappoint you at all, I will go to bed her.

Eighth day

Yalta cried, seeing us off. Sadly, the road is awake and waiting for us. It has been a great deal. We are not stopping by.

Poke on one road – it is already private ownership, As a result, they left by cars for sightseeing. More than 20 years ago, it was seen as something more festive. Photos-souvenirs, ran back. It will be more accurate – 375 steps, specially counted. Let’s hit the road. Left behind the most southern point of the Crimea – Cape Sarych. Ahead Sevastopol.

Balaklava on the port side, we literally burst into military sailors. And it’s not a problem, it’s a very fluffy pines, it’s important to keep it up. But this is the impression that the school has been dictated to me – a war, a closed city … In fact, this city has been hooked. Yes, I want to come back here. and try to explain it with the letters available to me. The monuments and steles of Sevastopol honors its traditions. And the city is young, in 2112 it will be only 230 years old. It is not only the homeless, you can’t meet untidy dressed people. It is a bit unusual for Kiev residents, but not ugly. Friendly calm people, we were lucky to see weddings – the city is alive! And there is no tourist service, lurid stalls and loud music from all sides. We walked along the embankment of the boat on the bays. When leaving the seaside park, along with a naval officer – as a souvenir. Visited Vladimirsky Cathedral. It is being restored. Under the Admirals – Lazarev, Istomin, Nakhimov and Kornilov. Tic heard for the first time. Many of the way through Kiev. And a lot of greenery – in floral and woody form. Handsomely. Sevastopol tried to cry for us after the windshield dropped down after a billboard “Welcome to Sevastopol!”. Thanks for the invitation, I will honestly try. We fly to Evpatoria, almost 5 pm

Day nine

Yes, we are incredible tourists. Where did you go? Rise into the clouds – because we are powerful. Iskrij eyes, because we are not alone, and the nivkovody – our tribe! It is a winter season. We spent the night under the bushes, like a mouse-nurushki. It is hard to compete in light with the stars.

Zoya nailed a fish soup with canned fish, from which we honestly made fish soup. Wine for girls, warming, and we drank “girlish drink” – vodka with lemon, probably more frozen. Having been warming up, swooping in vodka and chatting, waving up and downing well. It was really cold, steam came from the mouth, even without tea. It was a musician who lived in the village of Teplovka. It was warm to sleep, the condensate came in the morning. Buttats of heat accumulated overnight. We ate – and on the road. We are approaching Evpatoria. It is a little bit depressing impression. Dirty and debris. – peeling walls, uncleaned garbage, and the repainted in the wrong color. A lot of mummies with babies in wheelchairs – Pillsy – are walking around the yellowed trees. For mosque purposes – I was lucky to be there for the first time.

Clean, noble, but poor for the Slavic eyes. Although it is understandable, there is no understanding of God in his soul. We visited 2 Orthodox churches – more familiar. Buildings – both old and under construction – from shell rock. “The mines of King Solomon” – no quarries Cape Tarkhankut is the most western point of the Crimea, where it’s going to be. We’ve traveled to the winds of the wind. White boulders, diluted with the terraces of the ground, are diluting

Scared us steppe, but where is it! Cape Tarkhankut taken! Brave Dim fulfilled his promise and closed the swimming season. He sat in the water until he merged in color with swimming trunks. I didn’t get into the water. There were 2 grottoes reaching somewhere near the shoreline. Again, since the days of dinosaurs. They are multi-colored – white, gray, pink, again white … Unusually beautiful. Stones in the Vovchik collection – colorful and multiform. But she didn’t want to be captured. Carry halves. And here again, where is the time of the Crimean Crime re Crime Crime Crime Crime Crime Crime Crime Let’s try to recreate someone’s avatar – a bottle of vodka is stuck in a watermelon. Heap-obese dark blue front. Therefore, we’ve seen a willow tree. Well, the climate is harsh here – even “willow” with prickles. “Where did he go?” Back to 1989. This morning drove this deployment. Apparently, there has been more flashy and glaringly exhibited for the past. It was a dry weather, I was sunny. It was a sausage, and it was a watermelon. An avatar of me.

It is a winding rain. You will not touch you.

Tenth day

In the morning with a concentrated breakfast, let’s go. A happy journey. Having been embraced by the intersection Good-bye, Crimea! we were glad to meet you. We just traveled around the perimeter, measured, so to speak.

And we want to get promoted again – a lot of unseen promises. Kiev, we go, meet! This is your travel broadcaster, say goodbye to you.

Autumn Marathon in Crimea

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