Award pistol and a pensioner against two bandits

What is a pensioner, strong and aggressive criminal? Nothing, especially if you’re in the process of conflict. Therefore, the elderly and the cautious robbers. On the other hand, they have rarely been a lot of money. Do you often hear news? That’s what this is about. However, sometimes such criminals catch revenge. No where it’s not expected from.

February 22. St. Petersburg. Pensioner Yury Meshcheryakov returned to his home. He was suddenly attacked by a traumatic pistol. Obviously, it was recently received. Expect return fire.

Abkhazia and was awarded premium pistol PM, who, by happy coincidence, was with him at that moment. Injury by the car. Then, of course, he was detained when he went to the hospital. It seems to be all within necessary self defense, We are no worse than the USA, but no.

The MIA check showed that PM pistol, which mescheryakov used as part of necessary self defense, has been on the wanted list since 1994, as a military unit. That is, the pensioner couldn’t legally own it. That’s just the documents for carrying weapons were real. At the headquarters of Rosgvardia, Plus, the Meshcheryakov has been issued. It was a military pensioner.

However, claims by necessary self-defense there is no meshcheryakov. It has been established that it has been subject to the legislation. . It seems confused, but there are some unpleasant sediment remains.


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