Aware – 15 means basic rules for a house

He lives in the United States quite an extraordinary person – Rob pinkus. Former military officer, former sheriffs training officer in the city of San Miguel, former director of the Valhalla training center. There are various aspects of tactics, shooting and self-defense. He founded the company “I.C.E. Training“Which is the civilian shooters across the world and not only.

Rob pinkus He personally conducts various courses in the respective direction. Actually, here are his 15 main recommendations home protection.

1. Protect not your house

The basic principle to be honest. It’s apparently not. Therefore, despite the wording “home protection“And the house, if anything, can be repaired.

2. It’s not a protection plan.

Believe that for effective home protection pistol shooting from it. But it is not so. If you want, then you can get and use. It is a state of stress (and you will have it). Well, a lot more is needed.

3. Strengthen the perimeter

Doors, windows, locks – all these elements must effectively ensure your safety. There are several factors that can be seen here.

4. Move and maneuver

Your loved ones. So if there is such an opportunity – it becomes dangerous. If you can retreat to the ambush. But if there is an opportunity – it is better to retire. After all, you can shoot well …

5. If you can – barricade

Aggressor should not be as long as possible. Locked doors, improvised barricades, secure interior locks, “safe room” – all this plays into your hands. It gives a lot of ways to get it.

6. Fight if you must

If you’re not ready, you’re not ready. Anything can go into action, according to improvised tools, kitchen utensils – shocked a gangster armed with a firearm.

Even being on the ground, you have a good chance to defend. If you are armed with a pistol - you can shoot accurately and quickly. Do not cross the shelling sector. and remember about safety.Even being on the ground, you have a good chance to defend. If you are armed with a pistol – you can shoot accurately and quickly. Do not cross the shelling sector. and remember about safety.

7. Weapons and communications

Always remember the weapon lies. This is a special self-defense weapon. But still, be sure to call the police. If she comes together you need to solve specific problems. It will not be a time for you.

8. Store weapons so that they can be quickly used.

A locked safe is a great place to store weapons. Everything is as it should. It means that you don’t have a weapon. There is no need for any weapon of self-defense. How to organize it? There are many options.

9. No “stripping”

You can see whether it’s your choice. Let the professionals do the mopping up. And they need to be kept out. It seems like you’re escaped – sit and wait. Then you certainly won’t be ambushed.

10. Electronic alarm for home security.

Its very presence can scare the attacker. And it wouldn’t have your case. A “alarm button” is also a good thing. It is useful if you have a person in the house.

11. The family should know how to act.

You can not solve any problems. Your family members should also know how to act properly. home protection: where to use locks and alarms, where to retreat, where to call. Your partner is a lot easier. But for this, the “partner” must be trained.

12. Interact properly with the police.

It was considered as a threat. And yes, there is a significant risk. Therefore, you must clearly follow the instructions of the police, behave politely. If you come up with a corpses case

13. Shotgun to protect the house – great

Standard weapon to protect the house. Excellent stopping power, easy to use. It is the best caliber of 20 caliber shotguns at the height.

14. Carabiner for protection – great

There are no limits to this. In addition, there is a possibility of a close range.

15. A self-defense pistol is also a good option.

The gun is good because you can always carry it covertly. So there are no problems with storage and access. But a concealed pistol and a defensive pistol are not always the same. Learn to shoot from both. This is especially important if the pistols are very different in weight and characteristics.

If there is a threat to your grip (1), it’s from your weapon. After breaking the distance (3), you can regain the two-handed grip (4) if you need to shoot. These frames are for informational purposes only.

Informed &# 8212; means armed: 15 basic rules for protection

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