“Babakhing” in Russian: what is how turned into carbines?

Light weapons of a fundamentally new class are conquering the hearts and purses of those who like to shoot. it semi-automatic rifles under the pistol cartridge. The domestic manufacturer rolled up its sleeves in order to offer the consumer Russian “toys”, but then decided that it was easier to turn the existing products into a carabiner. What came of it – now tell.

“Babakhing” in Russian: what and how is turned into carbines?

About five years ago, in 2013, a fundamentally new class of weapons for our country appeared on the Russian market – semi-automatic carbines for a pistol cartridge. And at the exhibition “Army-2018” they demonstrated another new product – the OZ-126 carbine of 9 × 19 mm caliber.

Worldwide PPC known for a long time. As a rule, it is an inexpensive and rather light weapon, designed primarily for entertaining shooting. Plinking, as the Americans say (in the domestic version – “babakhing”). In the United States, after-shooters lovers have long chosen the Kel-Tech Sub-2000, a fun plastic clamshell chambered for 9 × 19 mm, and also High Point, a family of ugly, but cheap, products.

img alt = “High Point Carabiner 995TS” src = “~ images \ babakhing-in-russian-what-and-how-is-turned-into_1_1.jpeg” width = “690” height = “345” sizes = “(max-width: 700px) 100vw, 700px”
img alt = “PP-19-01” Vityaz-SN “and” Saiga-9 “caliber 9×19 mm” src = “~ images \ babakhing-in-russian-what-and-how-is-turned-into_2_1.jpeg” width = “690” height = “345” sizes = “(max-width: 700px) 100vw, 700px”

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