Backpack Maxpedition Falcon II

Today I will tell you about the backpack Maxpedition Falcon II. I bought it for a pair of backpacks for daily wear. It has been the day of the rain and frost. At first — about cons. There are only two builds:

  • The backpack is made of sturdy nylon, which is absolutely not breathing,
  • backpack straps could be wider and thicker.

Home, for me, the problem — if you wear a backpack — the back will be wet. For pads or ducts for ventilation. And if hardness — no problem — Camelback can be inserted inside, the lack of ventilation — very spoils life. Straps in my opinion — too narrow. And if the backpack is good to load — this will create additional problems.

Manufacturing material

The manufacturer’s website tells about the specifications. Maxpedition Falcon II.

  • 1050 denier yarn, water repellent and durable
  • Teflon fabric protection® — protects against dirt and provides easy maintenance
  • high strength zippers and zippers
  • UTX-Duraflex nylon buckles provide a quiet snap
  • triple polyurethane coating provides water resistance
  • high tensile nylon cord
  • composite nylon thread, high tensile strength (stronger than conventional industrial nylon thread)
  • High-quality lining material
  • internal seams are taped
  • lightning runners with a paracord
  • stress concentration points are stitched twice, trimmed or cross-stitched, which provides additional strength

I would like to make it. The backpack is really unkillable. He filled it up several times. — neither lightning nor belts were hurt. The only thing that broke — buckle on the chest belt — one of the antennae of the latch broke off. But — it changes elementary and costs a penny. For this lifetime — not scary.

Branches and compartments

Large compartment Maxpedition Falcon II fully disclosed — to the dregs. It is convenient for both during the cleaning of a backpack. In a small internal compartment perfectly fits the laptop. Although, I feel sorry for him all the time. — The aluminum case looks too fragile when you put it in such a backpack. External pockets perfectly play the role of organizers. Shots of light, flashlight, notebook, multitool and other trifles.

Pleasant trifles

Branch for camelback. There is MOLLE — straps sheathed the backpack. If desired, it can be hungry even more than fold inward.

Backpacks and pouches

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