Bagun – shrimp or fish paste from the Philippines

A person can eat almost anything. However, not always he will benefit from it. Take, for example, insects with their chitinous shells. Of course, you can gnaw them, but the shell itself will pass through the body almost unchanged. Therefore, it is necessary to invent ways to make whole edible prey. It can be stored for a long time.

It becomes much more nutritious and healthy. This recipe is called bagun (Bagoong).

Actually, the method itself is quite simple – use conventional fermentation to split the most stringent chemical compounds. It is slowly fermented. And in order not to start a banal rotting, raw materials sprinkled abundantly with salt. Most often – a quarter of salt to 3 quarters of fish. Gut is not necessary, cut too. Just a period of time. All this time, fish or shrimps peacefully fermenting themselves. The higher the ambient temperature, the better.

In the process will be allocated a special fish juice – patis, which is also actively used in cooking. When bagun If necessary, you can get a lot of healthy food, such as rice with red spices. The resulting paste is actively used in cooking and canned in the traditional way.

Why do we need it? Well, if only because the shrimp that most often go to cooking bagoon, it is completely unsuitable. And they catch very well. Anchovies, small fish, small herring and perch. But you can’t be stored for a long time. And we need something that you can hold out. And cooking bagoon takes from 6 months to a year. Well, it may not seem to be as unpleasant as it may.

Survival Menu: Bagun &# 8212; prawn or fish paste from the philippines

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