Bahco, Fiskars, Mil-tec. Comparison saws.

Saw on a hike – an indispensable thing. No, you can survive without much more. If you don’t have the right tool

In the following short review, it was possible to join in the march. Milk Tec, Fiskars Xtract and Bahco Laplander.


Get your device out of my head. This is a unique feature. The way through the reverse. That is – no way. In this review, it is more than a couple of saws.

Raises questions, “But it’s not good.” The blade itself is sawing, of course, but tight and slow. This engineering marvel is worth about 10-12 euros.

Fiscars Xtract SW73

The blade of the knife. The grip of the handle is the carbine, which is convenient. The blade itself is moderately hard, although it bends if necessary. Saws – as a light saber master Yoda. That is – everything and everyone. Moreover, I saw that I saw it without any special static support. That is, if you hold on to your hand – sawing is also. Small knots of 1-2 centimeter diameter are sawn off in one motion.

Issue price – 20-25 euros.

Bahco laplander

But it’s a way to open it up. The blade is a bit tougher than the fiscars. Handle without a carabiner, but – with a hole under the lace. This saw has one tricky feature. Hold it up. Then thick logs are sawn even better than with Fiscars.

But if you take the handle “as horrible”, then you need to take it up. With the right grip – everything is fine. Cuts like clockwork. It costs 30 euros.


For simpler conditions. If you want a lot of thick wood?

Bivouac equipment

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