Bandolera – underestimated, but convenient and efficient unloading

There are countless articles on the Internet. Some prefer body armor plitonosy or combat breastplates. Some complete modular belt as ammunition rapid response. Recognize anything but a weapon in itself. In the opinion of the author of the article, Matt – approx. Transl.), This is a modest bandolera.

What is bandolera?

Admittedly, when I Typebandolera“Then summarize a little. Many items can be attributed to both shoulder bags and bandalers, It is a strap over the shoulder.

Hawkepaks ITOA Mod EEHawkepaks ITOA Mod EE

What might she be interested in?

The civilian law and trained law enforcement officers. You can’t be fatal to your health. Therefore, if possible, you are faced with an incident. home defense. However, this is not always possible. If you have children in separate bedrooms,

Why people cook breastplates and plaits for a home defense situation. If you need, you can probably need items such as a first-aid kit, spare shops, a flashlight, and other material support. It’s a good idea. bandolera.

Bandolera quick to use. Than almost any breastplate or plitonos. You’re just ready to wear your head strap over your head, unless you’re including a waist belt. Click here to watch it, but you usually have several straps and / or a waist part, which you also have to do with.

Also, bandolera easier to store for storage, because of their greater compactness. If you keep for self defense long-barreled weapon, You can grab it. They can be laid even with a short-stem inside (of course, in the corresponding holster).

Bandolera Hawkepaks ITOA, modification of the EE, together with the rifle AR-15Bandolera Hawkepaks ITOA, modification of the EE, together with the rifle AR-15

Bandolera represent a more flexible way of storage. Many bandolera or shoulder bags It is not a problem. Especially if you also hold a weapon. Tried to keep a flashlight at the same time? Practice sometime on the shooting range.

You need to be aware of your conditions. Here is some of what I use:

  • spare shops
  • lamp
  • first aid kit (harness in quick access)
  • moisture-proof paper
  • active headphones

Bandolera than the breastplate or plitonos. This consideration is very relative, so it is. This is a good shot. I am incapable of making a mistake. home defense.

Bandolera Hawkepaks ITOA with a flashlight, tourniquet harness, rifle headphones, a marker and a first aid kitBandolera Hawkepaks ITOA with a flashlight, tourniquet harness, rifle headphones, a marker and a first aid kit


Of course, I tried myself. And, fortunately for you, I used several samples.

  • The Hawkepaks ITOA Survival Kit – A stunning sample of equipment at a dumping price. For thirty bucks you get thoughtful bandolier, almost perfect in size, made in the usa and ready to use. There is a possibility to travel around the bag.
  • The UW Gear Bandoleer – one of the best of these bandolier, what fell into my hands. It chooses to be safe for home defense. It also serves to me.
  • Sneaky Bags SUB (Shoulder Utility Bag) – Another great option. It is easy to handle. Pistol shops inside. It was created on purpose for this application.

On the market there are options for bags,arrow-psychopath“That may fit in this role. However, in my opinion, some of them are too big. It can be a good match to keep stores in order. Some bibs can be fitted for wearing like bandolera, for example, products Gadsden dynamics.


In the defense of the house bandolera faster and easier to use than a bib. It would be necessary to clean up things. They also have an advantage in terms of their image of their carrier.

Translator’s comment:

In the British army there is a standard piece of equipment, battle bag. There is no backpack with a fighter. How does another English-speaking author characterize her place in individual equipment:

I used combat bag It wasn’t been a hand for the girl. accommodate six stores AR-15 (although I only wear three, because of the weight), or three stores M-14. Two pistol can be worn in the right pocket. There is a card pocket in the flap.

However, he uses it together with a separate bandolera, intended only for stores.

Wolf Ops, our regular contributor, writes as follows:

… If you want to use it, it’s possible to take care of the RPS / Warbelt. It can be a need to carry it on.
And I will explain why I needed it at all. I need something light and compact, and worn as a discharge. Why not RPS? Well, because you want to have an alternative, and easy and quickly dressed. Moreover, it is somewhat inconvenient for civilian purposes, in exits for a walk. And the thing wanted to be universal.

Backpacks and pouches

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