Barberry ordinary, culinary recipes for sauce, jam, syrup, compote, marmalade and marmalade from barberry.

To make the sauce, put ordinary barberry (1 kg) into a pan, add water flush with the fruits and cook until soft. Wipe through a sieve. Pour sugar (250 g), put cinnamon, cloves, ginger powder, mix well, put on fire and bring to a boil. 

Cook with constant stirring until the puree thickens, decreasing in volume by about 4/5. It must be ensured that the mass does not darken by the end of boiling. Pack hot sauce in prepared glass jars and pasteurize in boiling water. Half liter 15 minutes, liter 20 minutes.

Barberry ordinary, culinary recipes for sauce, jam, syrup, compote, marmalade and marmalade from barberry.

Barberry Jam.

1. Pour washed fruits (1 kg) with warm water (400-600 ml) and leave for 8-10 hours. Then drain the water and prepare sugar syrup on it (sugar 1.5 kg). Bring the syrup to a boil and pour the fruit on it. Cook jam until cooked (30-40 minutes). Pour the finished jam into sterilized jars and seal. Store in a cool place. The jam should have a pleasant sweet and sour taste and a light aroma.

Barberry ordinary, culinary recipes for sauce, jam, syrup, compote, marmalade and marmalade from barberry.

2. Pour fruit (1 kg) with sugar syrup (750 g sugar per 250 ml water). After a day, drain the syrup, boil, cool and pour the fruit on it again for a day. On the third day add 200-300 g of sugar and cook until tender.

Barberry with sugar.

For long-term storage, cover the barberry fruits with sugar in a ratio of 1: 1. Store in a glass bowl in a cool place..

Barberry ordinary salty.

For salting, take the fruits of barberry on small branches, put them in jars and pour salty, chilled boiled water (200 g of salt per 1 liter of water). Store in a cool place..

Barberry Juice.

Wash mature fruits, flanch in boiling water (2-3 minutes). Drain the water, pass the fruits through a juicer. Pour juice in clean, dry jars and, after pasteurizing, cork.

Barberry juice with sugar.

Squeeze juice from ripe fruits, add sugar to taste, cork in bottles or jars and pasteurize. Drink like a vitamin drink.

Apple and Barberry Juice.

Take 40% of the juice of sweet apples, add 20% of the juice of barberry and 40% of sugar syrup (40%) to it, prepared with water or barberry juice of the second extraction. Canned in the same way as any other juice.

Barberry Syrup.

Grind ordinary barberry, squeeze juice (1 l), add sugar (1 kg), boil for several minutes, then pour into glass jars and pasteurize. Banks Cork.

Barberry Leaf Drink.

Boil the leaves (100 g) in water (1 l) for 5 minutes, strain, add sugar (to taste) or honey. Drink like a vitamin drink.

Barberry Compote.

Wash ripened fruits, remove the stalks, put in glass jars and pour hot sugar syrup (1.5 kg of sugar per 1 liter of water). Pasteurize cans in boiling water for 10-15 minutes.

Stewed pears or sweet apples and barberry.

Wash mature pears with dense pulp, peel, cut into 4 parts, removing the seed nest, and then cut the quarters into smaller slices. In hot sterilized jars, lay slices of pears and barberry fruits (weight ratio 1: 5-6) in layers and pour boiling 40% sugar syrup. Pasteurize in boiling water. Half-liter cans 15 minutes, liter 20-25 minutes.

Barberry Jelly.

Sorted and washed fruits (1 kg) put in an enamel pan, pour water (200 ml) and put on fire. Warm with constant stirring until soft, rub through a sieve, add sugar (1 kg). Boil to the desired density. Pour hot into prepared sterilized jars, close them tightly and store in a cool place.

Barberry Marmalade.

Ripe fruits (1 kg), boil in water (200 ml), recline on a sieve. After the water drains, add sugar (750 g), mix and boil over low heat until a homogeneous thick mass. Dry the marmalade in the air, cut into slices, sprinkle with sugar.

Barberry Marshmallow.

Fruits (1 kg) boil in water (300 ml), discard on a sieve or colander. Mix the broth with half the norm of sugar (400 g), beat, add the remaining sugar (400 g), beat again and simmer over low heat until the consistency of pastille. Then shift the mass into molds, put in a warm oven for drying, sprinkle with powdered sugar (30 g).

Dried Barberry.

Sorted and washed fruits are dried in the oven or oven at a temperature not exceeding 45 degrees. Use all year round.

Based on the book Universal Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants.
Putyrsky I., Prokhorov V.

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