Bars-1 knife – how forged knife broke from simple work

Excellent appearance, leather texture, serrated blade, awl in the handle, reasonable price. I was very proud of this product.

Knife Leopard-1

Steel grade blade: Steel 95×18 forged
The length of the knife (mm): 270 – 320
Blade length (mm): 155 – 180
The length of the handle (mm): 115 – 135
Maximum width of the blade (mm): 35 – 45
Butt thickness (mm): 3.0 – 6.5
Hardness of steel: 58
Handle Material: Leather
Country of origin: Russia

But my happiness was not long. Firewood for the fire. A wooden block was found to be approximately 10 cm in diameter. I had already gone half the distance. And then there was such an incident ….!

Here it was made and purchased these things.

Knife Leopard-1 &# 8212; hows forged the knife

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