Basic Life Support: BLS Algorithm

Today we look at how to practice BLS algorithm (Basic Life Support). This will be an overview of the article. In the meantime, let’s take a bird’s eye view.

BLS algorithm early recognition and calling for help; early cardiopulmonary resuscitation, early defibrillation. High quality of the algorithm, especially the use of defibrillation, can significantly increase the amount of survival.

Basic life support includes the following sequence of actions:

security check

If you have already taken an extreme turn. This means that there may be a threat to your life. Collapse, fire, attack, etc. Remember, it’s not a show heroism. Therefore, make sure that there is no danger to you. If possible, eliminate the threat themselves.

Mind check

The first most obvious sign of life. Therefore, do not immediately break through. First, check it out. However, it’s not. If necessary, stay with him until the ambulance arrives.

Soliciting assistance

Lack of consciousness. Most likely you will have to assist with the victim, which is often very difficult to do alone. So now it’s time to enlist the support of others. It is not a problem. We will analyze them in subsequent releases. There is no consensus. However, if you have achieved the support of others, you can assign them a call at the moment.

Check and renewal of the airway

The next element is a breathtaking test, since very often it has been the case of the body. In addition, airways passable is an important condition for high-quality CPR. Usually, tilting the head with a chin up is enough.

Breath test

It is not a good idea to follow the rules. It is recommended to read the subsequent publications.

Emergency call

Usually, lack of breathing is a cardiac arrest. This clearly requires professional resuscitation and further hospitalization. Therefore, it’s time to call an ambulance cardiac profile. Whenever possible, assign this task to assistants, and start the execution yourself. Cpr

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

CPR It is a heartbeat and a heartbeat. It is recommended that the ratio of clicks (compressions) and breaths be 30: 2, which is significantly different from the recommendations of the Soviet textbooks.

AVD Defibrillation

The external external defibrillators are established by the European Resuscitation Council, which significantly increase the rate of patients with cardiac arrest. Such defibrillators are easy to use, thanks to voice prompts.

It is not enough to make sure that the instructor is necessary!

The medicine

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