Basic Life Support: “The Chain of Survival”

Ability to render first aid – It is not so much the case for survivors. Moreover, it is even the citizen of duty, which is spelled out in the law. Therefore, we decided to thoroughly understand this issue. And that’s what we did.

Perhaps the vast majority of people know something about cardiopulmonary resuscitation. However, unfortunately, there is a huge amount of misconceptions, inaccurate and outdated information on this topic. Until now, the textbooks use the last century. Meanwhile, science doesn’t stand still, every 5 years European Resuscitation Council releases recommendations based on recent research in the field of prehospital resuscitation. We will look at ESR, Red cross, The American Heart Association, also taking into account our local specifics.

Basic life support – This can be an increase in the number of chances of survival.
This algorithm is based on the so-called “chain of survival” (photo1), which includes the following elements:

Early recognition

It is to survive. Early recognition includes a test of consciousness.

Early cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Professional medical professionals. The damage to the brain tissue will be death“In person words into a vegetable. CPR It also allows you to maintain the level of oxygen in the blood and prevent such conditions.

Early defibrillation

The most common cause of heart failure is heart fibrillation – It makes it possible that it’s not a contracting to do so. Discharge current. In developed countries, in crowded places (train stations, airports, subways, shopping centers) they place Automatic External Defibrillators. You can use them. Unfortunately, this is not the practice of the space ship, and we will not focus on this. However, if you are interested in this topic – you can prepare the material.

Fast delivery to intensive care unit

In addition to transportation, they carry out additional resuscitation. However, if necessary, the hospital and ordinary people.

Post resuscitation care

This is a part of a chain of medical institutions.

Thus, it’s safe for people who have been saved.

Remember that to provide quality first aid theoretical knowledge is not enough. We recommend that you take the appropriate courses.

In the next article, we will briefly review the algorithm itself. basic life support, We will analyze it in more detail.

Basic Life Support. &# 171; Chain of survival&# 187;

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