Basic rules for the preparation of game birds, plucking, removal of entrails, dressing game birds before cooking.

Young feathered game is distinguished by thin skin under the wings. The young beak’s mandible will crack if the bird is lifted for it. In young partridges, the feathers are spiky, while in old partridges they are rounded. The bones of the skull in young game birds are soft, which can be easily checked with a light touch of a finger. 

Basic rules for the preparation of game birds, plucking, removal of entrails, dressing game birds before cooking.

It is advisable that the game be shot and not strangled and that the wings or legs be shot, and not the fillets (pectoral muscles), which should be fed whole to the table. Thus, shot game is called banquet. The meat of such feathered game is whiter and tastier..

The staleness of game birds is recognized:

By smell.
Greenish spots appear on the stomach and under the wings.
Feathers become wet and easily pulled out.

Game is not scorched at all, with the exception of wild ducks, but plucked dry. Moreover, the feathers should be pulled out carefully in the direction as they grow, twisting each feather. It is easier to separate from the skin..

Basic rules for the preparation of game birds, plucking, removal of entrails, dressing game birds before cooking.

To remove the smallest fluff, it is necessary, having wiped the plucked carcass with flour, singe it over the lit paper, the flame of an alcohol lamp, gas burner or torch made of straw. Even better, moisten the entire carcass with alcohol and set it on fire. Repeat this if necessary. Until there is no hair left. Then gut the bird.

From the big game, the insides can be taken out with the palm of your hand. From a small cuttings, pressing the bird from the sides, so that the insides are easier to separate. Gutting birds, one must be careful not to crush the gall bladder. If this happens, rinse the bird in several waters as soon as possible..

Having cut off your head, you need to firmly grab the fingers located at the neck of the film with your fingers and, firmly holding the bird, pull out the “bag” in the goiter with grain or other food. Then the bird should be washed inside, wiped dry. Outside, wipe with flour, bran or a towel and then put it soak in cold water for an hour or more.

Dressing game birds before cooking.

Proceeding by frying, it is necessary to season small game as follows. For example, grouse heads do not reach the table. Therefore, they are chopped off, like wings. The legs must be tightly set in the body, stick a thick long needle with thread in them first in the upper and then in the lower part. Tie the ends of the threads on the back. Having fried, you should, of course, remove the threads and chop the carcass in half.

The smallest game (snipe, quail, dupel, etc.) is fried with heads that are tucked under the right wing. Some types of game are not fat at all. Therefore, a large one is laced with bacon, and a small one is tied with thin plates of bacon and then fried, hot oil and often turning the bird over.

Before shpigovanie need to lower small game for 10-15 minutes in a hot broth or boiling water, but so that the water does not boil with it. Then remove, cool and then stuff. Game with a long beak (snipe and other waders) is rubbed with crushed juniper. It is best to fry these birds at high heat without smoke. First, pour oil, and then the sauce that has been drained from them.

For the most part, game is fried. Both the largest birds and small game are fried in the same manner. The first – in the oven on the baking sheet, the second – in the pan on the stove. The interiors of large game birds (capercaillie, black grouse, hazel grouse, partridge) are not used at all.

The guts of small game birds (woodcocks, hollows, snipe, etc.) are fried in oil with a small amount of flour and served on croutons. That is, on thin slices of a white roll or loaf, on the one hand oiled and dried in an oven. Roasted game garnish with these croutons.

In order to keep a large quantity of feathered game brought from the hunt completely fresh for several days, you must immediately cover it with wheat or rye. When the game is fried, it is not bad to save a little gravy from under this feathered game by the next day to add it to the cue ball of the beef, allowing them to boil it once with sour cream.

Tips from E. Molokhovets.

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