Basic survival skills in nature. Theory and practice

Immediately make a reservation, information about basic survival skills is complete. Everyone knows the three rules – water, food, fire. It is interesting, but how many people have been checked? Know and be able to – not the same thing. Theorist will always lose the practice. He decided to test himself in the case.

The first, a bunch of midges. With the midges? Already a panic. The mosquitoes are mosquitoes. As a result, a mark was made.

The second, landscape and camp site. A lot of tips on this topic, but on-site author was confused, where better to camp? Where to put a tent? Where better to make a fire? And if it rains, will it flood? And if the wild beasts are not consumed with the tent? He made another mark, more practice and study of the nearby territories.

Third, everywhere it is advised to camp for water. In fact, hell find such a place the first time. Yes? With a ruler to measure the distance? There is a lot of dry forest nearby. The problem is another mark on the study area.

It has been his experience that he has experienced his experience. I had to listen to the instructor, because he is a practitioner, not a theorist, as an author.

But let’s still, let’s go.


It is a knife, a multifunctional bottle, a bottle of water for the first time. It’s not. Ideally, it comes to you as a rule, right?

Correctly evaluate your strength

Everything is simple. It can be used for a period of 3 weeks without food. Most importantly, your attitude. If you want to survive – you will survive. If you are mentally prepared for you, you can handle it. Well, if you are ready to fold, then you will die.


The best shelter in the wild. Caves, awnings, fallen trees. All the shelter in the shortest possible time. Yes, of course, you can’t be cut down, but why? This time can be spent on water and food nearby. And if there is a rain down tropical or tropical rain downpour …

the fire

Well what can I say … It couldn’t be a fire. Imagine in a storm and rain fire? And in the winter? Can you? Do you know how and where? I doubt it. If you’re looking for shelter Practice this important skill in advance.


It is difficult to write something new. Remember one simple thing to do. Do not have an emergency supply. Water in the wild – you ass. They found water, didn’t clean it and drank raw – you ass. So you should carefully consider your area of ​​residence, springs, sources of fresh water, wells, pancake, put on your map. Believe me, if BP happens, you will say more.

Creating simple household items

Well, it’s important nonetheless. It is necessary to take a spoon, a bowl for you … If you are not in use, it will help you. If you want to keep yourself in the forest? Here we need practice, a lot of practice. By the way, it’s quite a meditative exercise and soothing, shaving out household items from wood. Master, useful.

Identification of plants and traps

This is a very important and purely practical skill. If you know how to distinguish between plants and survivors, you can find out how to add skills to your survival. It is not a secret. Ironic death. In general, go to the forest more often, and check your knowledge of edible plants. Collect plants you can eat. It is not a problem.

It is impossible to follow the rules. However, the BP comes. If you are mistaken, you can simply die . The choice is yours.

Basic survival skills in nature. Theory and practice

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