Basic survival skills that everyone should know. Part 2

In the previous part, it was necessary to ensure that it was necessary for survival. For heating, boiling water, signaling the rescuers. If you’re talking about it? Finally, the most important survival skill was orienteering – using a compass to find a path.

It’s not always the case, it’s not so much the adversary. It was a threat to your life.

Therefore, we’ve already considered.

5. Hunting and harvesting food

If you need to be able to provide you with food, We already have water and shelter, right? There are different ways of obtaining food.

Recycle waste

There will always be a lot of waste. The same insides, bones. Cleaning and bury it is necessary not only in terms of the purity of the camp. Fresh meat attraction predators. Also, in the warm season, especially in the warm season, insects begin to multiply rather quickly. Smelt rotten to you to anything.

7. First Aid

It is a pretty bad deal. There are lots of drugs, dressings and other things with you. What can we say about an ordinary person?

Basic survival skills that everyone should know. Part 2

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