Basics of using binoculars. Part 2

Be invisible

Binoculars It is something closely. It is your own habitat. Just do not stare at inappropriate things for too long, otherwise you will be arrested for harassment or invasion of privacy. This is not a scam to him. Although it was something like “I’ve had it,” it’s in reality that it doesn’t happen.

Using binoculars It becomes minimal, but it becomes possible to reduce it even more. Our understanding of what is human being with binoculars In the eyes, it is quite definite. We recognize the shape of the body at the eye level. Turning it to the body. We’re looking at us. Animals, if they are the subject of hunting,

Big John talks about using binoculars an atypical cop. He has been watching the development of transactions. Shine of a tree Hiding in the dark (even in the day when you can find a shadow) He puts on his shirt Hide your shape and shape.

Reflection of light on lenses

Glass reflects a lot of light. It is clear that there has been a lot of light in it. It has been shown that it has been the case. We cann’t have any peace in the binoculars. Fortunately, it’s possible to prevent our detection?

If you are in the area of ​​bark, you can create a sheltered area. For example, binocular body wrap, like a visor. It will prevent you from causing any damage. Your binoculars it can be “covered”.

Inspection technique

Looking around the room where you are. Make a mental image of what you saw. Imagine a grid overlaid This is the same approach as searching for a moving object in a wide area. If you are using a binoculars intersect.

It is usually a matter of fact. If you notice the movement of your hair, you will be looking for a movement. If you don’t need it, go back to your peripheral vision.

For stationary objects, such as a forest, an edge or a hut, again push off four sectors. I’ve seen a lot of people leading with binoculars back and forth, up to the left, up to the left, up to the bottom They are looking for their eyes on their eyes. What can I say, hope is not a plan of action. In the search for a fixed object Use the scan order.

Set up a guideline for both people. There are several people who need to do this. Whatever you do, make it logical and stick to the plan. Do not be onlookers, looking here and there.

This is despite the fact that binoculars – so, this is the undesirability of sight of your weapon. The rule of law with a weapon. Instead, use your binoculars It is not a problem.


At this moment, you’re probably wowed up reading my binoculars? If you want to get dirty. ”T-shirt for this purpose binoculars knowing it or not. Scratch the lenses. Usually a napkin or microfiber pouch is included with a binocular for hygienic purposes. Do not throw them away. T-shirt, push it back under the belt.

If you really need it. binoculars if it hits you after falling. A good pencil for cleaning optics works wonders and weighs nothing at all. It is a good idea to have a drink. You can even use a collapsible ramrod. You use it to concentrate exhalation. Keep it not so much up.

Meet the Discoveries

I don’t have a teenager with with binoculars on the neck, imagining himself an explorer. He always saw him. Well, as an adult, you can dare to freak, but with a good with binoculars You have an advantage over the naked eye. A layer of field skills. Make yourself stronger, armed with knowledge, training and skill. I see it with binoculars, and you will see it.

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