Basics of using binoculars

Limitations of human vision

This does not affect our abilities. We are slow (compared to cheetahs), we are weak (compared to gorillas), we have imperfect camouflage (continuum of our body) (claws of a praying mantis, spider fangs or something as cool). What we have is ingenuity. We use tools and use animals. It is extremely important.

It’s why we’ve taken a flashlight with us. It can be used for small business applications. What do we want? How do we use our imperfect vision (compared to the vision of birds of prey)? Tools such as telescopes, optical sights and binoculars, to push the limits of our vision.

Understanding numbers

When you look at binoculars in the collection, you usually see two numbers on the case. These numbers indicate the degree of magnification. 11x45mm for binoculars, for example, it’s equal to 11x, it’s 45mm in diameter. It is usually accepted. However, the largest numbers are not necessarily what we need. My (author of the article, Kevin Estela) 11×45 binoculars are great for the terrain at long distances.

For a closer look, I would suggest binoculars with less frequency, about 8x. The visual field is closely related. If you want to see more than 100 meters of water, you can only see it. It is through the magnifying optics.

The second number is the following. This is the side binoculars, It looks like Lilliputian. Compact binoculars lenses are small and are small.

Compromise, in general, is in weight and in light transmission. The picture of the picture. This rule may not affect so strictly. High-quality glass Remember, your binoculars will be. What weight are you ready to bear? For binoculars Consider these questions when choosing.

What else to look

This is a list of binoculars. Variable multiplicity provides large amount of large magnification. Most quality binoculars There is a great focus for your two eyes. Make sure you can adjust your wheel binoculars.

Nitrogen-filled enclosures binoculars successfully resist misting and condensation. It can be better to use it. It provides reliable support for some binoculars. The concept of “I want versus need.” If you plan to use with binoculars there is no need for comfort and comfort.

Best form

We can’t stop it. We can hold our breath, but our hearts keep beating. Motion causes blurring “pictures.” Here trick binoculars learn how to stabilize your body as you can. To rest your elbows on your body while standing binoculars – relaxed and relaxed in the sitting position. On the ground binoculars, thrown back

It is important that you have a good position. It is not clear that it is not a stupid injury. binoculars no recoil, it is considered normal to bring your eyepiece straight to the eye. On a sunny day, I love you to avoid the blinding light between the eyepiece and the eye. I also do this because it provides a permanent position binoculars after fine adjustment of the diopter adjustment. If I can maintain consistency when using binoculars, I spend less time on adjustments.

Basics of using binoculars. Part 1

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