“Battle Butties” – a sandwich that stays fresh for over two years

There is a popular joke:

“Even if they are soldiers, they are the organizers of the peace district of McDonald’s peace?”

And I always thought it was just a joke. Up to this day. He has turned out to be a hamburger. But they are limited to sandwiches. Battle butties.

What, in fact, is the problem. American fighters have such a wonderful thing as MRE – Meal Ready-to-Eat. Suhpayok, in our. Almost 24 species. Here is a large number of different freeze-dried dishes. Reheat, soak and enjoy the delicious grub. Our fighters never dreamed of such a variety of tastes. And what would you think? Americans COMPLAINS that the food is “too heavy” and “tasteless.” Of course, the sublimates themselves weigh a minimum. But for some reason, the stomachs of fighters who are accustomed to fast food are not perceived …

What would we have done? “Zhrite what they give and rejoice that they still give.” And there is no problem – there is no problem. What do they have? “Make it a product of long-term storage!” And it turned out, damn it.

As a result of the work of the specialists, a product was obtained Battle butties. In fact – something like a closed sandwich or pie. Plain dough, meat filling with sauce. Tasty, convenient, calorie. And stored at least 2 years. After that, just warm up – and you can eat. Nor will it turn black. The wildest amount of preservatives. But no.

Storage method Battle butties can be called brilliant in its simplicity. As banal salt and sugar. And everything else is a sealed bag and a little know-how – iron filings. It is a separate bag, which is sometimes not the case. It is necessary for oxygenation, it is necessary for the life of bacteria. That is, it is absolutely unsuitable for the development of microorganisms. And if there are no germs, then product damage does not occur. It is even better than vacuum packaging.

In short. Now the American fighters have sandwich snacks Battle butties. 5 different varieties. With grilled beef, chicken, sausages and various sauces. He got, warmed up, ate. Much more convenient and faster than messing around with soaking sublimates.

But the supply specialists are not going to stop there. Their goal is to create a butter butter sandwich with similar properties. Not yet, but it is only a matter of time.

“Battle Butties” &# 8212; sandwich that stays fresh for over two years

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