Battle for Berlin: About the last operation of the Great Patriotic War

Berlin Strategic Offensive Operation (Berlin Operation, Capture of Berlin) – offensive operation of the Soviet troops during Great patriotic war, with the victory in the war.

April 9 to May 9, 1945, was brought under control. Berlin operation became the last in Great patriotic and World War II.

Composed Berlin operation The following smaller operations were performed:

  • Stettin-Rostock;
  • Zelovsky-Berlin;
  • Cottbus-Potsdam;
  • Stremberg-Torgaukaya;
  • Brandenburg-Rathenovskaya.

Hitler to be tied up World War II for a longer period.

The course of the Berlin operation

In November of 1944 it was determined to liberate land.

It was the time of the defeat. It was up to recover.

It was a decree.

By mid-February, Soviet troops were the last obstacles to Berlin. The capital of Germany. It would be a rainy day for the Red Army.

For the assault on the Koenigsberg fortress, it seemed to be the most impregnable. For the assault, the bourse fruit was taken unusually quickly.

In April 1945, the long-awaited storming of Berlin. It wasn’t any time it was taken. the west and conclude a separate peace. In addition, all of the forces of Berlin.

Berlin offensive prepared very carefully. The fronts were pulled together. The operation was commanded by Marshals G.K. Zhukov, K.K.Rokossovsky and I.S.Konev. In total, more than 3 million people participated in the battle.

Sturm of berlin

Berlin operation The history of all world wars. It was 1,800 units. He decided to pull up. Hellish fire.

The storming of the city on April 16 at 3 am. The tanks and infantry attacked the defensive positions of the Germans. It was a fierce battle for the four days. On the same day, Soviet troops met with the Allies on the Elbe. The armored vehicles were destroyed.

However, it wasn’t going to be surrender in Berlin, he insisted on it. Hitler refused to surrender even after he received his troops.

On April 21, he was a German soldier of the orders.

On April 29, Soviet soldiers began storming the Reichstag building.

On April 30, the war was over.

An act of unconditional surrender of germany was signed.

Results of the Berlin operation

Berlin operation put the end to the Great Patriotic and World War II. It was a raid on the ground. Hitler, having learned suicide. For more storming of the war, more awards were given. 180 units were awarded honorary “Berlin” differences, which in terms of personnel – 1 million 100 thousand people.

Battle of Berlin Summary of the last operation of the Great Patriotic War

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