Battle Knife Gerber Gear LMF II Infantry

Gerber Gear LMF II Infantry – This is a sturdy fighting knife with a semi-serrated sharpening. LMF II Infantry – A versatile durable knife service for the military field service. At least, that is how it characterizes LMF II Infantry manufacturer. Company Gerber promises that with the help LMF II Infantry You can easily make it out of the box. It is a branded 25-year warranty. Impressive, isn’t it?

Characteristics of the knife Gerber Gear LMF II Infantry

Total length 269 ​​mm
Blade length 123 mm
Sharpening Semiserter
Knife weight 331 g
Sheath weight 688 g
Blade material 420HC Stainless
Steel hardness 57-58 HRC
Butt thickness 4.7 mm
Blade width 34 mm
Handle material Fiberglass reinforced nylon
with thermoplastic rubber pad
Scabbard material Plastic (Ballistic Nylon)
Country of manufacture USA


It has been noted that it’s been a special case. Feature of Russified Gerber LMF II of sharpening. The fact that this modification LMF II Infantry The “R” is not used. It is subject to household regulations, and therefore it is not subject to special permit for use. Each copy LMF II It is better to have a certificate that it’s in order to avoid misunderstandings.

Blade LMF II Infantry It is a drop point (Teardrop). Butt tip, This is where the blade is located. It is a shallow cutting edge, but it is a shorter cutting edge. It makes it easy to use it.

LMF II Infantry has a semi-secondary sharpening that combines the elements of Plain and Serrated. This is a sharpening type. According to the developer, the serreytor part should not be allowed. As practice shows, poluserreytor is a double-edged sword. A hemispheric saw is much worse than sawing a bit. A smooth, clean cut, of course, more convenient to carry out using a clean sharpening the plane.

Serreytornaya sharpening for a long time, bring it in. However, if this happens in extreme conditions, then it will be quite problematic. So, the versatility of semi-standard sharpening, in everyday life, is in great doubt. If you’re in the field, then you can’t make it. The cutting edge of the LMF II Infantry is rather uneven, which is its cutting properties.

Knife LMF II Made of high carbon stainless steel 420HS. Such material is successfully used in Victorinox knives, which indicates a fairly acceptable quality of steel. 420HC contains from 0.44% to 0.60% carbon, which, together with chromium, ensures its durability. Competent 420S, allowed to bring the blade hardness LMF II Infantry up to 57-58 HRC.

The blade is covered with anti-reflective teflon coating from LMF II. Coverage is pretty good.


The LMF II is made of rubber coated glass fiber reinforced nylon. It doesn’t cool the hand. However, the LMF II handle is a bit too big; besides, there is no pronounced under-finger notch. Because of this, there is a knife with fencing grip. But the reverse of the gloves. Especially because LMF II Infantry was designed specifically for military aircraft military equipment includes gloves.

It can be used as a formula. It can be used as a rule for a handgrip. In case of your hands. One of the most interesting features of the handle LMF II It is not a single whole. It is designed to ensure that electrical wires (for example, automotive wiring) are cut.


Sheath LMF II Infantry deserve special attention. They are made of ballistic nylon, from which bulletproof vests are made. This material is quite smooth, but with a nice smooth texture. The undoubted advantage of ballistic dust and dust. By itself, the ballistic nylon is a type of ripstop. Ripston is a fabric of interwoven fibers, which can be nylon. Ripston does not spread in case of damage. Sheath LMF II built-in sharpener, and the design minimizes possible noise when worn. Sharpener integrated into the knife.

It should be remembered that the integrated sharpener is the useless part. Sheath can be mounted on the belt or on the MOLLE system. It is necessary to make a significant effort. This is a very reasonable version of the ASEK knife, which was intended for pilots. Knife modification ASEK had to be in the sheath no matter what, and withstand severe overload. Knife LMF II Infantry received this design scabbard inherited, despite the obvious irrationality and even uselessness.

Battle Knife Gerber Gear LMF II Infantry

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