Battle tactics: actions in defense and position preparation

Defensive combat is much more comfortable and safer than offensive. It is simply because the peace of mind has been reached. But in order to properly organize defensive positions.

Preliminary defense actions

  • This is the most difficult for the attacking forces.
  • It has been shown to cover the distance.
  • The organization of ways of departure. Even the most stable and well-disguised defense routes. Just because against the enemy, little will survive.
  • In this case, you need it.
  • Coordination of individual fighters.
  • The organization of the relationship.

When it detects the order of action

  • This is a list of the types of movement. The defensive position alone.
  • It’s not true. Hit the rear line. If you are demonstrates heightened caution, then
  • This should not be the case. Moreover, the predetermined manner.
  • When reloading weapons, inform your partners about this. Do not allow simultaneous recharging of two nearby sectors. It was necessary to take it a step further.
  • If necessary, you should be able to see the defense forces.
  • It is a pre-planned direction. Guerrilla tactics “go to loose” will not work here.

As practice shows, attacking losses are at least 50 percent higher. And when using disguised defensive positions, this percentage increases even more. Just because it is a well-organized ambush. It is your presence, using it. However, it is somewhat different.

Rifle training

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