Bayonet 6X9-1 from the complex “Ratnik”

The Russian complex of equipment “Warrior” includes a lot of useful things. Here and protection, and the means of coordinating and communications, and means of life support, and weapons, configured to perform certain tasks. Just about the arming of a soldier equipped “Warrior”, we’ll talk. Or rather, about a knife.

The complex includes one of two combat knives:

  • Combat knife NB-2 “Bumblebee” (index 6Х9, the manufacturer is KAMPO OJSC);
  • Bayonet knife SN-2 (index 6Х9-1, the manufacturer is KAMPO OJSC).

A little about the manufacturer. KAMPO JSC is one of the oldest enterprises of the Russian military industry. KAMPO is a developer and serial producer of not only cold arms, but also instruments for aviation and astronautics, medicine, fire, diving and rescue services. The company also works in the field of shipbuilding.

ShN-2 bayonet knife created for:

  • Damage to enemy personnel or service dogs by hitting or throwing
  • Placements on small arms
  • Disabling equipment or equipment of the enemy
  • Snacking on hardened steel wire up to 3 mm thick

Technical characteristics of a bayonet knife 6X9-1

Time to remove the knife from the sheath No more than 2 s
Knife weight 270 g
Mass of knife with sheath and fasteners 700 g
Overall dimensions of the knife with scabbard 330 * 70 * 35 mm
Knife length 281 mm
Blade length 162 mm
Blade width 30 mm
Blade thickness 5 mm
Blade shape Clip-point
Sharpening Bilateral symmetric
Maximum load on the middle of the handle when attaching the blade along the entire length Not less than 100 kg
Steel blade 95Х18 with a hardness of 54 … 58 HRC

Steel 95×18 – domestic analogue of steels 420 and 440. It is strong enough and flexible, lends itself well and keeps sharpening. Corrosion resistant.

The shape of the blade, the clip-point, was chosen by the customer, who wished that the knife was able to penetrate body armor of type 6B23 to a depth of at least 20 mm at an impact energy of 40 J. On the blade there are short valleys to reduce the total weight of the knife. The blade has a stepped variable descent with different angles of sharpening; nano-composite coating based on titanium, which has high wear resistance and hardness. The surface of the blade is processed so as not to throw away the unmasking glares from the light sources.

Sheath for bayonet knife 6×9-1 made of shock-resistant plastic. The sheath contains a diamond bar for straightening the cutting edge, a device for cutting steel wire. For fixing on combat gear “Warrior”, on a belt or a hip, in a set of a knife the cover with the corresponding fastenings is provided.

Steel arms

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