Be always on top

In film “Vertical“Vladimir Vysotsky sang:” “These lines: life, business, relationships, self-development … or a call to action.

Today, many survivors of conquering mountain peaks. It is particularly complex. It is much more difficult to navigate the terrain …

Once there is a difference, even if you’re comparing to the plains. It’s worth 8–10% of that distance. A map is a projection.

It is a distance to travel through the plains. This is due to a decrease in walking speed. When evaluating the distance traveled, use the data below:

Tilt angle
Speed ​​km / h
on the rise on the slopes
5-10 3 four
10-15 2.5 3
15-20 2 2.5
20-25 1.5 2
25-30 one 1.5

And landmarks are completely lost sight of. Therefore, you should always go on top.

There is no clear way to create your own. It could be anything:

And moving at night.

No less significant landmarks in the mountain rivers. “Signs of nature.” This is a landmark that increases the number of times during winter hikes.

Journey to the mountains is always filled with surprises. It is worthwhile to know how to radiate. Therefore, do not rely only on your memory.

What is there to remember? Even a compass in the mountains gives false readings. And this is a fact. The compass turns into a worthless knickknack.

In the summer, the best landmark in the highlands is relief. In winter, when snow covers the peaks, steep cliffs, pronounced cliffs and precipices are best used for orientation. Most often they look like huge white spots on a white canvas.

It is a form of “stubble”. You can even determine the direction of your own tracks. At the foot of the mountains.

Do not get lost and enjoy the journey. Good luck!

Be always on top

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