Be careful

Treatment alcoholism and drug addiction, Compatriots are welcome to follow these registrations. narcologist.

Number of private practitioners have appeared. narcologists. The Internet is filled with promise to “cure with a guarantee.” At best, a nurse will come to your home, at worst. It doesn’t get any better after treatment. But the most dangerous thing is when these “doctors” are prompted. Neither alcoholism nor drug addiction can be cured! Complete recovery doesn’t exist! Encoding hypnosis, “new drugs”, “prick” after “double detox” or “VIP dropper”

If you decide to seek medical care, then you’ll be able to take care of you.

On the phone narcologist His relatives are currently seeing. In the case of the patient, they are not subject to any conditions. It also has the right to say: “I can’t help you”. He will not be a doctor for you.

The fraudster will be able to follow its services, promise to “cure with a guarantee” Clarify what is included in the cost of treatment. For example 3500 rubles. It means that you can’t get it. The most common method is “double detox” or “VIP dropper”. There are no VIP double detoxes! This phrase means that the dropper. But you are personally interested in making you feel better! His reputation depends on it. Therefore, it is a good specialist.

If you are on foot, you must be able to clean up your shoes. Can’t be on you.

A physician must have been an identity document in this specialty. Notarized copies of these documents are allowed. Carefully read all the documents provided to your attention! For example, the doctor who came to younarcologist “With a long record of work”, a diploma indicates that this is a specialist. Or the doctor says that he is “a psychiatristexpert in narcology“The psychiatrist” or “surgeon. It means that it’s not. alcohol addiction or hungover syndrome. (Editor’s note – ensure that I’m therapists and cardiologists, who were remarkably well versed in such problems. I’ll not say anything about the emergency doctors)

Attention! The charlatan will not show you any documents! Hen’t even show you a passport!

Large private drug treatment centers (alcohol-honey, drug-saved, etc.) are invited to work narcologists, There are a number of ways to treat patients at home. In this case, it should be noted.

Often on the sites of firms offering services narcologists, You can read the license card. This document is not a license. To attract “clients”, “Narcological department”, “It is indicated. Do not hesitate to be a medical institution. I bet that these will be completely different phones. Moreover, a cell phone can not be installed in a drug treatment center or hospital.

The doctor always examines the patient, talks with him, assessing his mental and physiological status. Pulse counting, if necessary, an ECG, as well as an ECG test. If, for example, myocardial infarction, acute pancreatitis, started delirium, etc., it can be used. It is obliged to take care of the ambulance team.

Unfair “specialists” care about your life and health. They are only interested in your money. In my practice, there are often cases where the “doctor” was taken away, presumably leaving the apartment.

The life of threatened complications. Due to high blood pressure, myocardial infarction with pulmonary edema or cerebral infarction can develop. It can be due to acute pancreatitis or potentially fatal pancreatic necrosis, which signifies gastrointestinal bleeding or Mallory-Weiss syndrome. Heart rhythm disturbances can cause it to stop. In patients with diabetes, alcoholism leads to decompensation of diabetes. Delirium behavior delirium (delirium tremens) with cerebral edema. Books have been written on the list.

But if the doctor diagnoses a complicated course of hangover, he simply must send a patient to the hospital! It is impossible to treat, for example, delirium tremens at home!

The doctor performs disposable instruments. Everything you need is a doctor in stock. You can’t.

If you are looking for a bottle of water, it will help you.

The doctor folds the bag and the vials into the special bag. I am doing nothing. It means that he is not responsible for his treatment.

Imagine a situation like that. Doctor Narcologist he died after his departure. Will be impossible. He will simply declare that you have never been. After all, there is nothing to stay with you!

By itself, a dropper is not a cure for binge drinking or a hangover. It is a toxic product of the field of alcohol. For my long term practice, I rarely had to deal with the classic hangover syndrome. Mostly you come to a very drunk person. In this case, after the infusion therapy, it will turn into a hangover. A hangover can already survive, if not sober. In order to prevent the development of delirium, they are prescribed.

Health ministry of health Research Institute of Addiction, with alcohol withdrawal Phenazepam. Neither neuroleptics type Haloperidol, Sonapaks or Aminazina, nor a combination action tranquilizers Phenibutu and other drugs are not included in the standards of care.

Therefore, if narcologist you assign them – this is only his initiative. What he is guided by using these tools, I do not know. Often, after the visit of such a “doctor”, the patient becomes a doctor of the hospital. You come and see the whole mountain of potent neuroleptics. I would like to ask these “doctors”: “Are you treating schizophrenia?” These drugs are prescribed for the psychosis, they are contraindicated!

Open the Internet and read the annotation on these drugs. They are contraindicated in alcohol withdrawal syndrome. All the more dangerous is their co-administration in combination with other drugs, for example, with drugs to lower blood pressure.

The doctor is obliged to explain why he was a doctor. For Phenazepam, for example, it is drowsiness and weakness in the legs. “Doctors” answered their question: “What are these pills are?”. It is unacceptable to leave tablets unpacked! Many “narcologists» You do not know what you take! This suggests that before you cheater.

It is a condition that the patient’s condition has been given. Improve, but not complete recovery. Vomiting stops, sleep and appetite return to normal. But the desire to drink Therefore, it must be monitored for some time. For some, it’s a week, for three days. And not only the people. You must be able to visit the patient. It wasn’t a doctor.

Read the description of the doctor left you. Information on them can be found on the Internet. Very often, unscrupulous doctors are specially chosen so that when you wake up, you feel even worse. This is done in order. so you call the doctor again It is especially true for doctors.

Probably having a desire to get sober You decide. You can save your life and health!

Be careful

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