Bear Hunting Tips: Stay Safe on The Hunt (Expert Advices)

Bear Hunting Tips: Stay Safe on The Hunt (Expert Advices)

Since the beginning of time, humans have hunted for both sport and nutrition. What began as early hominids tracking Wooly Mammoths with spears has become a multimillion dollar industry every year. The hunters have exchanged spears for new and modern firearms so that their prey can be treated quickly and safely.

Although most hunters today are not carried out by desperate and hungry humans, those who hunt seek something else: power. These hunters want to feel the thrill of shooting down animals that would otherwise destroy them if they did not have a weapon. The excitement of winning a goal resonates throughout the world of sports, whether football, soccer, baseball or basketball.

More specifically, the black bear seems to be a popular choice for big game hunters these days and with the big game come the big guns. The larger the prey, the more firepower you should use on the animal, even if it makes the situation a bit more dangerous for the hunter. That does not mean you bring the most lethal weapons you can find, but it does mean that you come prepared.

Bear Hunting Tips: Stay Safe on The Hunt (Expert Advices)

Being prepared for any hunting trip is the most important part of the tip. Planning and the vision of the future will only help the situation later. At the same time, the hunter must combine, security, power and comply with all hunting laws in the hunting place of his choice. The last thing a bear hunter needs is an expensive ticket because the hunter became lazy.

While bears have a bad reputation for attacking humans, they are not as hostile as you might think. While black bears have a tendency to enter human camps, especially in places close to civilization, they are only there to find food and provide for their own family. In places that are close to civilization, for example, a deciduous forest similar to the Smoky Mountains, there is a greater chance of detecting a Black Bear in the forest, due to the close proximity to humans.

For those brave enough to go hunting these dangerous animals, there must be a plan. Before hunting, it is vital to have some knowledge of the prey that is being hunted, and it would be convenient for any hunter to review some bear hunting tips before entering the desert laden with bears.

The minimum bear

Instead of grabbing a gun, jumping into a car and running to catch a bear, it would be beneficial for any hunter or anyone related to the hunter to learn some basic tips for bear hunting and to know the facts in general. As most of you know, there is no better way to prepare than to plan ahead.

Keep this in mind when deciding where to hunt, where to sleep, etc. Probably, the most important thing to know when hunting the bear is at what time of the year you can hunt the black bears.

The answer to that mystery would be in the spring and fall, although most hunters like to hunt in the spring because most bears have just emerged from their hibernation stage. It would be a mistake not to know the physical specifications of most bears before jumping into the forest. The females grow until their sixth year, while the males will grow until their twelfth year.

Bear Hunting Tips: Stay Safe on The Hunt (Expert Advices)

The average hunted bear is somewhere between 100 and 300 pounds, and anything that exceeds 300 pounds is considered a huge bear. Above the weight and the general circumference, a black bear is judged by the size of its skull, with certain minimum requirements that the size of the skull of the bears has to meet to be a good death. In short, know your killing before going out to hunt, because you are more likely to know where to hunt if you understand the type of animal you are hunting.

Most bears are found in dense forest regions, either near crops that can be cleared or under advantageous living conditions. Most bears are omnivores, which means they eat plants, berries, certain herbs and also animals. Find a patch of any of these nutrients and there could be a Black Bear lurking. For hunters to understand how to find better Black Bear, it is important to know the feeding, sleeping and hunting cycles of bears. As of the beginning of summer, male black bears seek pairs to mate.

Bears become more likely to roam in populated areas during this time, and for this reason, among others, that is why hunters take most of the big bears at this very moment. When hunting a black bear, try to find a hunting place that has food that the bears ate. Locate a stream or river to find another excellent location to hunt black bears. If, as a hunter, you know where to find black bears, then it will be even easier to know how to hunt a black bear.

Bear Hunting Tips: Stay Safe on The Hunt (Expert Advices)

For some hunters, killing has to do with meat and black bears need certain taste buds to enjoy this meat. Bear meat is extremely good, but it is not for everyone. The greasy, hard and sweet-tasting bear meat will go well with anything, but a stew seems to be the best way to do it. However, you must be careful when cooking the bear meat, since the meat contains a parasite that could be deadly to humans if it is not cooked thoroughly.

Plan to plan

Every time you plan to go out into the forest, you must have a plan, and that does not change when it comes to hunting bears. The most important thing you can do is be prepared and have an attack plan in the forest. Remember, you go to the bears’ house and he knows the desert exponentially better than most hunters.

The first mark on your checklist should be to analyze a map of the area to understand certain reference points or areas that could become dangerous. More importantly, find a topographic map to study the area so that you know what type of elevation you will have to face during the hunt. Take the area that you have already excavated with the topographic map and compare it with the local wildlife maps.

Bear Hunting Tips: Stay Safe on The Hunt (Expert Advices)

Once you’ve dealt with that, look for public records of past bear hunting seasons and discover the population of local bears, as well as the success of hunters in getting a bear. As with most hunts, bear hunting requires a permit in most states above a fee. Depending on the type of weapon you wish to use, it will correspond to the time of year when the hunt can begin. Bears can be hunted by many weapons, including rifles and bows and arrows.

The final part of the plan is to identify its limits in the topographic map mentioned above. Be sure to mark all trails and roads, as well as public lands, so as not to disturb anyone or endanger them. If you plan well and follow these guidelines, you will have a bear in no time.

Hunting strategies of the bear.

As with any sport, there are certain strategies that have been proven to work when a bear is hunted. The first, and possibly the most obvious strategy is to follow the bears’ food source. It seems pretty simple. It is known that bears eat almost any type of food to gain fat.

While it is known that most bears have been introduced into society, Black Bears specifically have the ability to trip over huts and chalets in search of trash to eat, or anything else they can find. Black bears also look for plants and insects for nutrition and hunt games like us, humans, except they could be better at that.

Bear Hunting Tips: Stay Safe on The Hunt (Expert Advices)

The next way to attract a black bear while hunting is to use the calls of the injured games. It is assumed that these calls mimic the cries of a dying rabbit or another type of wounded animal with the intention of bringing a black bear closer. You can buy a game call at almost any outdoor store.

Although all these strategies are known to work, there is no substitute for hunger, so attacking these Black Bears will allow hunters a better chance to hook one. The bait has many facets that can not be fully explained in combination with the previous strategies, in fact, the bait justifies its own section.

The bait: a natural way to make any creature come out and play, and for the Black Bear hunters, is no different. If you have studied the bears and understand them, then you can place your bait in a better place, which will lead to a higher success rate, hopefully. As mentioned earlier, bears go through a routine towards the beginning of summer. This routine allows them to be more adventurous and go to areas they would not normally venture into. Although small bears will be the first tasters of their bait, it is only a matter of time until the larger bears find it too.

Because Black Bears have a good sense of smell, they will be eager to find that bait smell. As long as the bear enjoys its bait mixture, it will be difficult for the bear to leave an area that pleases him so much. Set up a bait site you can use for years to come, and you might even see the same bears frequent the area due to the bait station.

Bear Hunting Tips: Stay Safe on The Hunt (Expert Advices)

Location is vital to attract a bear. The bait station should be left somewhere along the sites where the bears travel the most. The densely wooded areas near agricultural land are a prime location to prime a black bear. Just make sure you’re invading someone else’s private land. Other good places to put a bait station are near streams, rivers, lowlands and almost anything that is cool and dark.

The bear is a natural predator of the beaver, which will allow hunters to install bait stations near a river, as well as a population of beavers (food source), killing two birds with one stone. An obvious indicator that bears travel through an area are the claw marks on the tree. These claw marks establish an area in which the black bear is familiar and probably arrives often. Bears and black bears tend to roam for most of their lives, and seem to walk the same trails and waterways that their ancestors did, just as some of our ancestors probably did.

When it comes to priming for a black bear, there are even more strategies that go hand in hand with those mentioned above. Try to put the bait about two weeks before hunting. Bears like to eat a lot, and will be attracted to a source of bait more than once. For this reason, do not prime for more than two weeks; It will only hurt the hunt.

When deciding what to put in the bait station, you should be thinking about smell and taste. Since bears eat almost anything, it does not matter so much what kind of food you put in the bait station, but the smell that smells. As most of you know, bears have an extremely sensitive olfactory area, and can smell from very far because of this. If you leave meat in poor condition, then the bear is more likely to attend your station than if you put a piece of bread in the station.

Bear Hunting Tips: Stay Safe on The Hunt (Expert Advices)

Large quantities of cookies filled with cream or cakes are an ideal base for bait. Combine that with some meat, fish or even beaver in poor condition (where legal), and the bear will not be able to leave. After placing most of the bait in the station, the final ingredient should be fat. A little restaurant grease would be fine, but almost any grease will work.

Pour the grease into the ground under the bait, because the bears will enter this and create their own trace of odor from the fat tracked on their feet. This will allow the bear to have an easy way to get back to the bait station, which is expected to become a better opportunity to get one.

Now that you have the ingredients to put in a bait station, it’s time to set everything up for the final act. The way you set up a bait station depends entirely on the preference of the hunters, but probably the most popular way to attract the bears is to take a 50-gallon bucket and chain it to a sturdy tree. If you wish, use loose trunks and braches to hide part of the bait station, so that the bear is forced to approach the bait from the front, leaving a large shot for the hunter.

Cut a small hole half a foot wide at the base of the bait drum. This will allow the bears to extract some food, but not all at once. As for where to go to wait for the bear, look for a place that is not far away, not beyond 60 feet.

Bear Hunting Tips: Stay Safe on The Hunt (Expert Advices)

A tree stand is the best option for the best shot opportunity. You will find bears that feed at the bait station almost any time during the day, so always approach the bait station with the utmost caution, but most bears encounters at the bait stations will be done in the hours in the afternoon when it’s cold.

Be sure to study all state regulations when dealing with baits and to agree to all the laws published in the area. Know when you can prime and when not, what size of bears can be shot, etc. Be an educated hunter who hunts the hunt in the right way and never illegally takes an animal.

Now that the planning and part of the execution have been explained, now is the time to gather some more important points of discussion. As mentioned above, bears have a great sense of smell, and because of this, you must take into account the smell that you are leaving for the bear. Try to keep your clothes and shoes as odor free as possible, because bears do not distinguish between the type of free food they receive, they just eat.

When you are on the road to your tree position, go from the opposite direction to which the bear should come. This will allow the bear to smell mainly the smell of bait, and lose its smell. One thing you should realize about Black Bear hunting is that they are not stupid creatures. They know that humans left the bait there to eat, so do not do anything to provoke them in your direction.

Bear Hunting Tips: Stay Safe on The Hunt (Expert Advices)

Stay alert and be smart about it. Last, but certainly not least, to kill a bear, you must know where to place the deadly shot. The bears are ridiculously hard and can withstand many different shots that are given. The only shot that almost always guarantees a death is the double lung shot.

Wait until the bear is worried at the bait station and until it opens your shoulders, and then it’s time to attack. Once that happens, take the shot and place it just behind your shoulder, so it hits the lung. This will end in death for the bear, and you will have succeeded in your hunting effort.

In summary

If you know how to hunt a black bear in the right way, then you will come home with a strong legal catch. It is important to plan ahead, be always alert and do nothing without thinking twice. Forests are a dangerous place for humans, especially when most of the animals that can be found will know the area much better than you would want to know.

When hunters get into trouble, it usually results from provoking a bear when the hunter should not have, not taking proper precautions or simple carelessness. Do not be the guy who is embarrassed because he’s too proud to follow the rules of hunting.

Bear Hunting Tips: Stay Safe on The Hunt (Expert Advices)

Also, if you see a hunter who does not follow the legal path to hunt black bears, notify the wildlife authorities, since poaching is a big problem for some of these wildlife agencies. Hunting is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with the world around you, and it is one of the most natural human pastimes.

Forget about baseball, hunting has been here since the first day, and I do not see that changing soon. In the end, it will be a battle of wit between you and the bear to see which of you can put the other in the most precarious situation possible. Hopefully you are putting the bear in a dangerous situation, not the other and around.


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