Become a master of melee. Part 3: Eliminating Direct Threats in CQB

CQB – “Become a master of melee” or “CQB” – “Close Quarters Battle”, “translate …” or “fire contact in confined spaces.” If you have to read them before proceeding further. If you are looking for a piece of water, you’ll not be able to make it. However, we will continue the theme of “corners”. Are your eyes already bleeding? Get used to this topic otherwise nothing =)

So, as we have been discussed earlier, it was a cleaned when storming an object. Among other things, angles are under circumstances. The assassin wasn’t been safe. It is a wall that you can see. Plus, the enemy believes (and often unreasonably) that will be a surprise.

And this is a bad news for us. If you’re a little bit hot, you’ll be safe. Mud..k with Kalash from this position. Check and clean them.

Opponents cann’t take it into the room. It can be arranged from the bottom of the room, relying on suddenness. You need to be a shelter. Therefore, you can concentrate entirely on the “hard corners”. Do you understand why it’s so important? I hope you understand.

There are no limits to direct threat protection. After it there are corners, and only then – the rest of the room. This concept is called “center-center-center»(Center-corner-center).

CQB Direct Threat Zone

Zone immediate, or direct threat It can be seen that the area has been lifted into the room. It is indicated as “direct threat“(Immediate threat).

Direct threat in CQB – fighters assault team; It may not be a problem.

The assassination team of fighters can be seen. The figure below shows the rate of direct threat, and the direct threat itself.

Direct threat zone does not apply to the structural elements of the room. This is a tactical concept superimposed on the structure. But it’s important to know how to build your tactics. First of all, eliminate direct threats, and then only respond to the “hard corners”

Now we understand that our initial goals are “direct threats” and “difficult corners”. Usually, clean them. But no harm? It is wounded, especially when it is wounded.

After the first two hours of fighters enter the room, there is a key concept – “strong wall”.

“Strong Wall”

Strong wall in CQB (sometimes the term “common wall” is used), this is the wall where the entry point is located. Next door to the door. But usually it is one separate wall.

Sticking to the wall, sticking to the wall and sticking to the wall.

Example: From the “wall”, moving along two two parallel walls. If you do everything right, then there are safe directions for your teammates. Special Forces guys are cleaning the premises. And the most interesting – there are comments like: “Wow! How they like to shoot each other! “This is from ignorance. And so, in fact, a fairly simple concept, yes?

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