Become a master of melee. Part 4: Tactical obstacles in CQB

It can be used to make it out of the box. The anatomy of the premises. Now let’s discuss what you can tactical obstacles you may meet in CQB?

We’ve been the first part of the series, and you’ve gotten a little clarification – CQB (Close Quarters Battle) fire contact in confined spaces. This could be an apartment building,

Tactical obstacles are usually limited. The rule of thumb is that of the team. There are several types of factors that can be considered.


Below in the picture: “polustena“(Half-wall) on the left side of the box-shaped room (box-shaped room) with the center entry point (center-fed).

X-shaped intersection

Now let’s go back to planning. X-shaped intersection, or just a crossroads in terminology CQB – This is the intersection of four elongated areas (rooms of linear shape), diverging from the central point. This can be a corridor with narrower linear areas extending from it. There are no problems. I hate these crossroads, some troubles from them.

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