Behavior in a city occupied by troops, military operations in a city, or what to do when tanks are on the streets.

Imagine that one day you woke up from the noise of engines and the clank of caterpillars of military equipment entering your city, military operations began in the city. Of course, you leaned out of the open window or even jumped out into the street to stare at an impromptu night parade. 

Behavior in a city occupied by troops, military operations in a city, or what to do when tanks are on the streets.

In vain leaned out. And even more so in vain came out. After all, you don’t know for what purposes soldiers march along the streets. And you don’t know how they will react to random spies. Maybe they have an order to shoot at dubious civilians and suspicious windows? On your windows. According to your faces. It is especially dangerous to try to shoot marching troops on video and cameras. The rebels do not like their faces to be fixed on film and, not being able to somehow: otherwise stop shooting, can shoot an unlucky cameraman. And get there.

. By car is much more dangerous. You can collide with an armored personnel carrier, and scratch his wing. Its soft-boiled wrecked cars. And pay for causing material damage to the property of the army. When military operations are taking place in the city, the rules of the road traffic have only one point. The one who rides the tank is right. Even if it goes to red. And the sub-item is more right, who rides on a heavier tank.

If you still dare to leave the garage, then keep a distance. Better five hundred meters from the nearest armored vehicles. If only because tanks, armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles look at the world through the eyes of triplexes, that is, very limited. And little is blind, and also deaf to your hysterical sound signals. Since they are sitting behind thick armor in tank headsets that they don’t take off. And they don’t take it off due to the fact that they are responsible for hitting a civilian car with only two outfits in the kitchen. The military inspectors of the traffic police are very different from the traffic police inspectors. When military operations are taking place in the city, they are entitled, first, with a warning wave from the staff and then with a shot from the AKM. First in the car. Then, if you strongly parted, in you. So it’s better not to argue with vaishniks.

And a patrol walking along the sidewalk may shoot at you. Or you can mobilize a car for the needs of the army. And mobilize you if you feel sorry for giving the car. All these sharply changed traffic rules and military operations in the city create completely unusual driving conditions for the driver. Well, then it’s better not to leave. But just in case, fill the full tanks of gasoline. For example, in case of emergency flight from a city that fell into the battle zone.

Due to the same deaf-blindness, increased dimensions and slowness of military vehicles in narrow city streets, pedestrians must be very careful. 

The day after hostilities began in the city, one should carefully examine all the orders of the commandant’s office or other military command bodies posted on fences or transmitted through the media. And to the letter to fulfill them. Because if not to the letter, then you can run into a scandal. Military approximations do not tolerate.

If it is said that they will shoot at curfew violators, it means they will shoot, even if you were delayed for only a minute. If ordered to surrender weapons, then drag grandfather the old broken shotgun to the gathering place. Or hide it very securely. Because it is also considered a weapon. And the punishment is assigned not for the brand and caliber of the barrel, but for its failure. And forget about the Constitution, the Criminal Code, civil rights and the like nonsense. Remember only the orders of the commandant. They are a hundred times more important to you. And do not try to enter into political discussions with patrols about this. They have ten for your argument in the clip of a pistol. And everyone is irresistible. If you do not have body armor.

In general, try to annoy people in shape as little as possible. Do not show them your mood, smile more, carry cigarettes in your pockets, which are generously bestowed upon the patrols that stopped you, and necessarily identity documents. And then maybe get away with the troubles. Only when you climb for cigarettes or documents, do not fuss, do not make sudden movements so that the soldiers do not think that you are now pulling out a weapon. Put your hands in your pockets very slowly and pull them out just as slowly. And when you are talking, try to keep your hands in sight. The military is trained to respond to danger at a subconscious level and can respond to any suspicious gesture with an instant shot.

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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