Behavior in a crowd, the simplest techniques to provide psychological resistance to the mass psychosis of panic.

The main rule of self-salvation in the crowd is the desire to preserve individuality. Loss of personality is equal to death. The main thing for a person in the crowd is not to succumb to the general psychosis of salvation at all costs, not to become an ordinary log that supports the flame in a psychic fire that is gaining strength (there is such a term). Damn it, you can burn it, but individually. 

Behavior in a crowd, the simplest techniques to provide psychological resistance to the mass psychosis of panic.

Turn off emotions, rely only on the mind. He is your only hope of salvation in the crowd. Only he can tell the right line of behavior. Emotions will lead you where everyone will run. Analyze, weigh the situation, look for the most promising ways of salvation. I will list some of the simplest methods that allow us to provide psychological resistance to mass psychosis of panic. Never take for granted the rumors that are circulating in the crowd. Look for a way to verify the imposed information with facts.

Do not obey the opinion of the crowd blindly, no matter how faithful it may seem at the moment. Close your ears, open your eyes. Make a decision based on the principle: I believe only what I see. But don’t think about it, if you do not agree with the opinion and actions of the crowd, to state it publicly. Your inner position should not be manifested externally. The “White Raven” crowd destroys. Do not express, do not defend your opinion, do not enter into discussions. Focus on action. It is more important than words. Violent mass feelings, be it fear, hatred, or joy, are very contagious. Resist mass psychosis. If you feel like getting started, try looking at yourself from the side. Do you look stupid, are your movements, facial expressions, speech ridiculous? Self-irony and shame are good brakes when hysteria begins.

Be distracted in any way possible. The main thing is to maintain clarity of mind. Use the methods of autotraining: deep breathing, contemplation of immovable objects, talking with yourself, etc. Finally, try to sober yourself, strongly pinching your hand, biting your lip; hitting himself on the cheek or causing any other pain. Focus on people close to you. Your task is to protect them. And this is possible only if you control the situation and your mental state. You have something to fear. Experience shows that under the influence of the crowd, social ties are destroyed, a person ceases to care about his friends and relatives, ceases to notice them.

A crowd man becomes an enemy of his loved ones. There are cases when in a panic attack or a demonstration of fanatical devotion to the leader of the pack (read the leader of the crowd), mothers sacrificed their children. Look for “outcasts” like yourself in the crowd. Team up with them, create opposition to the general mood (only silent opposition!). Several people who found support in each other are more likely to resist the crowd than one, more difficult to give in to a psychosis of general mood.

It cannot be that among thousands of people there are not a dozen sane ones. Recognize them by the expression of their eyes, by facial expressions, by their action, in relation to the events taking place. Make your way to them, get up close, combine your mind and physical strength. If you have not succumbed to the negative charm of the crowd, then you have half won the battle for survival. Physical actions directly aimed at salvation are secondary in a panic. If you defend the consciousness, it will teach the body how to get out of the scaffold alive and unhurt.

And speaking absolutely abstractly, the elements of the crowd are the more destructive the less they are composed of less educated people. Intelligence, multiplied by education, does not leave a panic a chance. There are many examples of this, when representatives of the upper world between loss of face and death chose death. People for whom the concept of honor is higher than the fear of losing their life, in the conditions of the most “groovy” panic, will not lose their temper. They are absolutely protected. The ship’s orchestra during the death of the Titanic liner until the last moment, trying to calm the crowd, played the Strauss waltzes. The orchestra members died in full force, but they cannot be blamed for panic.

On the same “Titanic” there were many cases when gentlemen gave their life jackets to the ladies, and floating in ice water (20 minutes survival limit!) Past crowded boats, they asked: “Gentlemen, will you find another place? Not? Then sorry to trouble you. And happily stay alive. ” Yes, it is in such exquisite expressions. Unfortunately, most of us in a similar situation will use completely different phrases and take completely different actions. Alas, the costs of education. For us, life is a much more concrete concept than honor..

Doubt it? Do you think that I indiscriminately and unfairly accuse readers of sins that are unusual for them? So to speak, insulting them in their best feelings? So? Then try on the following situation. Only honestly. You are personally capable, not being able to repay your old debt, go and don’t replenish the money and send the annoying lender to hell (he walks and walks as if he doesn’t understand that there is no money!), And go and shoot himself.

Yes, that’s because of the few hundred rubles you don’t have! Not? And I am not capable. And I think: life because of some miserable money? A life!!! What am I crazy about? He tolerated the neighbor who gave me the money for another six months. It’s my fault, I could not give it! In short, let him shoot himself, because he will never receive this money! And it seems that way. How can you lose your life due to some unfortunate rubles ?! So, yes not so! Yes, not because of rubles! They are really just paper. Because of a broken word! Because of the concept of “honor”! Is it really incomprehensible? But this is so simple and obvious. For them. People of honor! Not for us. Because we will not shoot ourselves! No, it’s not easy for us to slip through such a seemingly simple test. We stumble on it.

And if you don’t slip through, you don’t have to hope that under extreme conditions we will behave as knights without fear and reproach. Most likely no. We will run, shout and push, like the most ordinary inhabitants, saving their skin. And we will have fears and reproaches to all who fall under the hot hand. And there are no “Let me let you go.” And, therefore, we have to be saved, as the most ordinary inhabitants, that is, physically. Moral death worries us much less. And we will have more chances of survival, the better we know what to do in such a situation, and the more we care about our body that got into trouble.

Based on materials from the School of Survival in Accidents and Natural Disasters.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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