Behavior in emergencies: Accident with leakage of hazardous substances

Of chemical substances

Strict adherence saves lives and reduces damage.

Hazardous substances (HELLS, or Sdyav – note LastDayClub) can be found in any area of ​​the country. They are used in industrial production, in refrigeration, marketing, research and development, etc. It has been shown to be on the body. substance law dangerous.

Danger of poisoning

It has been shown to be possible to direct it. with these substances. Moreover, it is dangerous for people to use it. .
It is also possible to reduce the amount of pollutants caused by contamination. wastewater treatment systems.

Preparatory measures

It is important to establish a rocket attack. First you should take advantage Mamadohm (protected apartment space) or private shelter, it doesn’t require access to the street. MAMAD or a private air raid shelter, protected space. Familiarize all family members with your chosen space. It is important to determine where you are. It becomes even more important. Prepare bag of emergency and do family training.

Have their tablets lugol. Tablets should not be kept in accordance with the instructions available if necessary for all family members.

It is recommended that you follow the instructions. The most severely possible threat options.

How to identify an incident with hazardous substances?

You will hear the alarm through the media.

How to behave?

  1. Immediately close all doors and windows facing the street.
  2. Shut down and turn off it can be turned on), it can be turned on.
  3. Take cover in a protected space, determined in advance. All other openings. Heating the room is not recommended; space is strictly prohibited. Pets can be taken along to a protected area.
  4. If you are on the street, take in the nearest closed area (in public buildings, etc.)
  5. If you are on the road, close to doors, windows and openings of the vehicle (including air conditioner outlets); drive carefully and only on the transport of civil defense command.

If you have any signs of damage by hazardous substances (such as nausea, headache, shortness of breath, skin irritation), and call an ambulance.

Lugol tablets, even if they were at your disposal, should be taken only upon receipt of instructions from the Command of Civil Defense!

Follow the instructions given here. Instruments will be identified.

It is allowed to leave instructions from the Civil Defense Command.

Remember !!!
It can be seen that the

Advice and preparation for emergencies

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