Behavior in emergencies: Earthquake

It is a world of earthquakes saves lives!


Our region has been repeatedly recognized as a destructive earthquakes; An earthquake cannot be predicted in advance; It can be a matter of course. Take care of it.

It has been shown that it’s not a problem. flooding and gas leaks. The behavior of earthquake

How to prepare for earthquake

Preparation in advance:

  • Find a safe place in the house, remote from external walls; if you have MAMAD in your apartment (bomb shelter, fortified room, etc. It is usually made of “monolithic”, i.e. all walls “bearing” – note LastDay.Club), it should be preferred to all other rooms
  • Show all family members
  • Check out the fire and emergency exits
  • Conditional collection point for family members
  • Any moving, falling or beating object. Prepare your home accordingly.
  • Earthquakes destroyers are breaking. For each of you Prepare a PE bag in advance (for example, Disturbing Suitcase – approx. LastDay.Club) for 24-72 hours, until help arrives.

How to recognize an earthquake:
First of all, the first vibrating, and then staggering from side to side. Feeling is often described as being on a ship in rolling. Others say that they felt that the earth (floor, staircase, etc.) simply disappears from under their feet. The first seconds are critical for survival. Do not hesitate – keep cool and react quickly.

The integrity of the building:
We can help you make sure that you can’t make it so much better. Therefore, it is recommended that you can’t get it. Buildings built before 1980, as a rule, do not meet these requirements. If it’s possible, as soon as possible!
It is a legal framework to ensure that it has been approved. This design is particularly applicable to buildings permits were issued earlier on 1.1.1980. For more information on the TAMA 38 plan, contact the appropriate service.

Home preparation:
Most earthquake injuries are caused by fireworks and gas leaks. Therefore, it is recommended to take care of the following:

  • attach cabinets, bookshelves and TVs to walls
  • to strengthen fastenings of boilers, heating tanks, gas cylinders, air conditioners and their compressors
  • store of substances and heat sources;
  • place as possible.
    Family Education:
  • Where do you need to do this? Mind, MAMAD, a staircase apartment on the first floor;
  • It is important that you use them;
  • Set as a conditional meeting for family members. It is a lawsuit;
  • It is recommended to conduct earthquake readiness.

Emergency equipment:
Prepare the equipment. Prepared supplies should include:

  • Food and water is usually found in the water supply; date of the products;
  • The necessary equipment is a first aid kit;
  • Identity cards; personal cards; personal cards; Keep them out.

How to behave during an earthquake

How do I know what earthquake is happening?
For the flooring Feeling reminiscent of being in rolling.

For a few seconds before the earthquake, it allows you to buy.

If you are as shaking up:

  1. If you can leave the building immediately, you can go out into the open space!
  2. For a few seconds, take a look at the staircase. If you don’t have to stay there for a few seconds.
  3. If you’re not in the room, you can’t make it.

Additional instructions for various buildings (in accordance with the guidelines outlined above):

  • Stay away from the exterior walls, windows and shelves
  • Take your head and face.
  • The wheelchair
  • Do not use the elevator during the earthquake – you may be stuck in the cabin.

On the street:

  • If you are away, you can stay far away from the buildings as possible. The safest place is in the open!
  • Air conditioning compressors, shattered glass and torn electrical wires.

If you are in a car:

  • If the earthquake ends, the car ends immediately; car body will protect you
  • Do you need to do so? Should drive or move away from such objects.

If you are at the seaside:

  • If you are on the seashore, you can cover the coast
  • Sign up for an approaching tsunami wave.

Preparing in advance will help you stay cool. It is recommended that you complete the process.

How to behave after an earthquake

  • Do you need a spark or gas switch?
  • Leave the building and stay in the open area, away from buildings and structures
  • Before you turn off your electricity in your apartment. In addition, it is recommended to supply the house. It has been determined that it has been approved.
  • Do you’ve entertained
  • Listen to the radio for information and instructions.

Victims buried in the rubble:

  • Water for people who have been banged (for example, jacks and crowbars). If possible, give first aid.
  • If you are buried in the rubble, try to save yourself on your own. Do not wear it out with screams. Resigners to your location. Do not light a fire!

Be prepared for repeated seismic aftershocks. It was a weakened time period.

Advice and preparation for emergencies

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