Behavior in emergency situations: First aid

First goal medical care is prevention of damage to the victim. Person providing first aid, It can be done in certain cases. For example, the most severe consequences. Unqualified assistance can aggravate the victim of the victim. In most cases, it is necessary to prevent worsening.

First aid

General instructions

  1. Be attentive to environmental factors
  2. First of all, transfer it to you.
  3. If possible, give first aid on site.
  4. It makes you feel that it is breathing
  5. Instant stop bleeding
  6. If possible, ask the victim how he
  7. Inspect the victim thoroughly
  8. Encourage the victim
  9. Act competently and confidently.

First aid kit

Individual dressing bag, sterile gauge, adhesive band, adhesive tape 1.25 or 2.5 cm wide, bandages, cotton bandage 4, 6, 8 or 10 cm wide, cloth triangle, antiseptic liquid (betadine), scissors, blanket.

Stopping bleeding

Bleeding External bleeding wound. You can apply pressure. Bleeding and aggravate quickly. It can be applied during the carriage on the stretcher. Do not let go by applying pressure !!!
If possible, apply a pressure bandage. If you are on the bag, it’s possible to increase the pressure on the bleeding. The arboreal harness is delayed with the maximum force.


Burns can be caused by fire, heat and, in rare cases, cold. Burns come in 3 degrees:

  • 1st degree – damage to skin; skin reddens and swells
  • Grade 2 – Superficial to deep skin; the skin surface
  • 3rd degree – damage to all layers of the skin; skin and subcutaneous tissue charred.

First aid for burns:

  1. Remove the victim from the danger zone. It is a fire
  2. Immediately behind this, make sure that the victim’s air duct is open. It leads to a blockade of mucous membranes. It should be noted.
  3. Cool the burns with water. Do not open bubbles at all! (to prevent infection)
  4. Cover the burns with a moist sterile dressing. Continue wetting

Chemical burns

Chemical burns can be no less serious than thermal. The ingestion of certain chemicals, such as boric acid, causes internal burns, accompanied by blistering, swelling and scarring. If such a burn affects the airways, there is a danger of suffocation.

First aid for chemical burns

If you are a victim of liquid chemicals, you should thoroughly rinse your mouth.


Signs of fracture: limb limb mobility, swelling, subcutaneous bleeding (bruising, bruise).
First aid: Triangles, belts, etc.
The victim is taken in the neck and the spine.

How to call an ambulance?

Dial 101 (“Magen David Adom”) from any phone, including the dispatcher:

  1. phone number you are calling from
  2. The house is located on the apartment door.
  3. description of the complaint of the victim
  4. age of the victim
  5. (fire, destruction, torn and uninsulated electric wires).

The detailed possible assistance will be provided.
David Adom Ambulance Dispatchers will only respond to emergency calls.

  • for information about the victims, call the hospital information centers
  • do not contact
  • Do not approach the scene. Drivers of vehicles should not be seen.

Blood service

It’s not a problem. It’s not a problem.

Who can donate blood?

Any age, weighing at least 50 kg. and responding to a number of additional requirements. The 17-18 year old can donate blood. Blood can be donated every 3 months, without any harm to health. Requirements 50,000 blood units per year. This means that 5% of the population must donate blood once a year. Israel’s population of 6 million needs 300,000 units of blood annually in peacetime. In emergency situations, these donors grows with them.

Personal blood insurance – for each one of them, for a period of 1 year. The insurance takes effect 2 months after blood donation.
Want to donate blood? Call 1-800-400-101

Training at Magen David Adom

It is very important to take care of first aid courses.
This is a wide range of refresher courses for medical care professionals.
For more information, contact David Adom Center at your place of residence.

Advice and preparation for emergencies

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