Behavior in the attack: 20 rules of survival on the street

You ask – what else for “attack behavior“And”outdoor survival rules“If you are not a civilized society, you can’t be resolved peacefully.

Push us. After all, a person who is not morally ready to defend himself is much easier to manage. If there is a dysfunctional conflict for a conflict, it can even detect it.

However, it is not a morgue. Therefore, it is possible to work out the reaction and behavior during an attack. It will save you exactly from fate. And first of all – remember the following …

20 times of attacking

Survival Rule # 1: Always carry a knife

And better, two or even three. It is a knife. If you are a man, you’ll not be able to make it. Refrain: aggression – grab a knife. If you can handle them or not. Plus, so far everything fits into the framework of legitimate self-defense.

Survival Rule # 2: The knife should be as “peaceful” as possible.

It should not be impressive. All these tactical cutters are not better than conventional knives. The man is armed with such a human cutter, even in self-defense, tends to be aggressive.

At a reasonable price. It is a person with a kitchen knife.

Survival Rule # 3: The knife must be sharp

But it’s a bit out of 5 knives, which means it’s always carried out “on the pocket,” it requires a good sharpening. If you want to use a knife for self-defense, then you can.

Rule of Survival # 4: It shouldn’t be a shame to break up with a knife

If you want to dispose of. Three hundred bucks is not it? Meanwhile, getting rid of the evidence is another important rule of survival. Forget about all these “surrenders” and “cooperation with the investigation.” The rule of law is simple.

Survival Rule # 5: The knife should easily fall out of its sheath

This applies to the scabbards themselves. It is a long time.

Rule of Survival # 6: Try to look inconspicuous

If the conflict does happen. To leave the scene.

We would like to preserve your health care.

Rule of Survival # 7: Always Consider an Opponent Armed

This is never underestimate the threat. If the enemy began to show aggression – it means ready to fight. If you are ready to fight – surely secured an advantage. Couple of guys behind their backs.

Rule of Survival # 8: Behave Yourself Politely

Do not respond to verbal aggression. In some situations, you can really “shattered.” It should be remembered.

Survival Rule # 9: Avoid Anger

Adequate attack behavior and anger are the worst allies. Better fear than anger. Common fear mobilizes the spirit of danger. It is a hand-to-hand or knife fighting practice.

Rule of Survival # 10: Control the space around you

In fact, it can be considered as an an attack. And act accordingly.

Rule of Survival # 11: If necessary, seek allies and help.

If the conflict escalates – you can. Shout, raise your voice. People, of course, do not care 90 percent of the fact that they are cut nearby, but there is still hope for 10 percent.

Rule of Survival # 12: Do not neglect flight

Always remember – “Running fast is the best kind of self-defense.” It can be overcome by our conditions.

Rule of Survival # 13: Watch your opponent’s hands

If you’re trying to find something more, you can be able to retire. If not, strike first. Then you will understand it.

Rule of Survival # 14: Do not try the opponent by the clothes

It does not hamper his movements, but will limit yours. This is not the best behavior.

Rule of Survival # 15: Be prepared for the fact that the enemy is not alone

Your opponent may have been an attacker. So always watch the rear. It is true that it has been reduced.

Rule of Survival # 16: Do not turn your back on the enemy

In the case of the rear of the enemy. To be in the back. And survival on the street is a matter of personal effectiveness.

Rule of Survival # 17: Do not relax, even if the enemy is injured or “gives up”

There is no need for any additional information. This may either withdraw itself.

Therefore, either achieve or maintain, keeping the enemy in sight.

Rule of Survival # 18: Leave the conflict as soon as possible

The enemy may have friends. It is not a rule.

Rule of Survival # 19: Remember the Impact

Remember, it’s a criminal defense. “You still need to be able to live”.

Rule of Survival # 20: The Most Important for Survival in the Street

If you had to fight, be ready to kill. Usually, it is less than determined. Remember that you are protecting your life. In a pinch, you can get out of prison, but no longer from the cemetery.

Behavior in the attack: 20 rules of survival on the street

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