Benchmade SOCP Dagger. History and use of combat knife

Let’s start a warm-up with your knives. Fortunately, there is something to tell. The collection was replenished (as, by the way, wearable set), and, apparently, I did it. Today we have the agenda … Perhaps not even knife, and highly specialized tool – Benchmade SOCP Dagger:

It gave you a clear idea of ​​where the mother gave birth.

What is SOCP?

SOCP Is an abbreviation for Special Operations Combat Program. It is a scandalous pattern of training for special forces.

The novelty was the hand-to-hand training program itself. US Special Forces jiu-jitsu (very competent choice) and combat sports. The fighter is the fighter ground floor. Exactly United States Special Forces. It is a fact that he wondered what he was doing. of annihilation

The staff on the ground the knife – do not ask. I do not know and can not understand. It is a program for this reason. Greg Thompson couldn’t stand it in the end, after a couple of episodes described above,

Greg Thompson is a comrade hungry with belts and diplomas. And besides, at leisure, the US special forces. It was from this time that the birth began. SOCP.

This is not a damn thing about the original in this program. A bit of Krav Maga, a bit of Cali, a bit of work with a kubotan. And so, the output is a loud name. Special Operations Combat Program. It is incidental to us. Melee? It will be a lot of fun. “Why is there so much noise?”

Actually, if something remains unclear.

Benchmade SOCP Dagger

All the cut the show?

By itself, like any specialized instrument, Benchmade SOCP perfectly fulfills the functions assigned to it (namely – prick and punch), and extremely bad – all the rest of the rest. The fact is that SOCP Dagger – is not knife in the usual sense. No, of course, it is not capable. Hell with him, we will call him a knife! – so, it’s important to keep track of your wounds and punching clothes and equipment. That is, in fact, this is an arch-version of a kubotan or tactical pen.

Main feature the knife secure ring The point is that knife If you want to use a pistol grip, you can use it. Moreover, it is possible to use it on a “strong” hand.

Essentially, the main function Benchmade SOCP Dagger – It’s not a problem. Then, respectively, shoot your opponent to hell.

Except using the last chance as a weapon SOCP Drop-Point finds himself nowhere. For example, it can be used as a weapon of active attack. It is not a problem. the knife in a similar format, I do not understand. Especially when it comes to the left hand (when the right hand works with the gun).

In my opinion, such knife more appropriate for law enforcement officers. Although, again, it is familiar comfortable knife (not folding) SOCP Dagger also becomes very relative. That is, the question “why is it needed?” Is actually quite relevant. It is also very doubtful. blade, It is even possible to inflict the blows of course. This is a fact firearm without changing hands the knife on the secondary (this is if you do not throw off the knife).

In short, whatever one may say, but Benchmade SOCP Daggerknife pretty weird. It is not incomprehensible, but it doesn’t need to be adapted. Although, with all this, effective weapon.

The spat is, of course, spat it out. To beautiful. Because the beauty in the knife is actually enough. It is a scabbard (although not without a joint). By tradition, talk about the performance characteristics.

Benchmade SOCP Dagger features

  • Material: 440C
  • Hardness (Hrc): 58-59
  • Type of blade profile: Spear-Point
  • Blade cross section: Flat Grind
  • Blade Coating: BK1® Coating
  • Scabbard Material: Plastic
  • Blade length: 82 mm.
  • Knife length: 184 mm.
  • Butt thickness: 4.6 mm.
  • Weight: 62 gr.

The most interesting thing is that with this configuration (with 440С steel) knife absolutely functional. For me, is not required.

Version the knife – from Spartan (which, by the way, is actually illegal). It is a Greg Thompson card that was sent to you by the office, it was sent to you. of the aircraft, the version of the aircraft. Well, besides, the citizens decided to produce knife without royalties than confirmed their swine nature. Wherein knife sold so far. Why? I don’t know, ask Thompson.

Well, okay, back to the knife itself. It has been produced now, which are minimally different from each other. The one that I have goes like Drop point, is there some more Dagger (without a serreytor, double-sided sharpening, double-sided sharpening). Considering the fact that it is not a loss, it is a question of choice. Simply, we can officially buy only Spear Point.

Looks the same knife very harsh. Available in black (octo) color, with a very serious textured finish. Apparently, it will live for a long time and will retain its beauty even with wholesale clogging of opponents.

The form is optimal for use. the knife in a glove. No, of course, you can hold and work. a knife it reminds you that it’s not quite over-narrow. In the glove a knife It doesn’t press anything and it doesn’t press. And of course, it’s a ringtone. The hole is big – again, with the expectation of working in a glove.

Sheath and wearing SOCP Dagger

The most interesting thing about this design is sheath. Since it has been developed, it is not a rule. Thereby sheath Molle straps fit perfectly, that is, by placing the knife on the vest is no problem. And not only on the vest. Wherever there is a Molle, the knife will always find its place.

For wearing a hidden knife. It was enough to get it.

As for civilian wear, things are pretty good, too. Benchmade SOCP You can easily hang on the shirt (on the shirt), on the shirt (between the buttons).

Yes, even as the neck knife, The paracord / chain hole is both above and below. However, in civilian wear there is one moment associated with the scabbard. If you pay attention to the photo:

Bending clips does not match the notch on themselves sheath. In the case of the sheath. It is a quotation of the clip. Trifle, of course … At least half a centimeter – I do not know. Well, okay, he sees it. Although the view, of course, is crooked.

Well, a little bit, quite a bit about the application the knife. It will be a little bit for me.

Application Benchmade SOCP

As mentioned above, the appointment Benchmade SOCP Dagger – Keep in touch, keep the enemy at a distance

Considering the presence of a ring, recommended reverse grip not the only possible.

  • Can hold knife, It is true that it’s possible to get comfortably.
  • In order to comfortably shoot while holding knife reverse grip, middle finger. In this case, the knife doesn’t interfere with the gun at all.
  • If you’re not in comfort, you’ll not be comfortable. And while holding with one hand knife and completely dangles when shooting.
  • Similarly, you can use straight grip with a little finger in the ring. With this grip gun can be used completely freely.
  • In principle, you can even use it as push dagger, that is, holding in a ring between the middle and ring finger. Can’t say what’s convenient, and knife lies like a glove Although not the most convenient.

If you use knife you can’t work with any grip, knife practically does not interfere.

The maximum comfort is achieved when using Benchmade SOCP Dagger in gloves. In bare hand knife still manages to deliver inconvenience with sharp edges.

Summarizing …

In general, the thing turned out quite strange. It makes it possible for you to use it. And, it is a good knife hidden carrying. For example, if you make a ring Delta dart, then perhaps it’s not even better. And considering the price of about 110-125 bucks …

But outwardly, of course, brutal and good, an infection. I can’t say for sure. I would advise you to get a training option and try to train. It can be used in the household.

P.S. I apologize for a mess. It generally resembles a field camp. And it is necessary to remove. I will be cleaned, raking debris and even nafotkayu even.

Wolf ops

Steel arms

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